Remember how I said my hair wouldn’t do anything other than perfect curls? I took a straightener to those curls and showed them who was boss. I needed a little bit more of an edgier look for this outfit, don’t you think? 
How was your weekend? My weekend was good, in fact it was probably one of my favorite weekends of this summer. I saw that movie ‘Tammy’ with my mom (I know it wasn’t critically acclaimed or anything but we were in tears at times), went to a bachelorette party like I was 22 again and then yesterday afternoon we went to a Texas Rangers game, where I lasted a solid 10 minutes in the sun and then ended up in an air conditioned room. I’m a true sports fan, obviously. You know how else I know I’m a true sports fan? I wore a girly sun dress and matched my accessories to the team colors. Of course don’t ask me who won, I’m not sure / don’t care. 
PS: I’m taking over Old Navy’s instagram today, if you want to follow along 🙂
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  1. Gah. Now I'm regretting not purchasing the black vest that's 40% off on Piperlime right now!! Love this edgy look… I feel like it's a great outfit to transition into fall!
    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  2. I love the straighter hair look! And that dress is awesome! What a rockin' weekend! I'm with ya on those air conditioned rooms at any sports event. Add a glass of wine and I'm a happy camper.

  3. In love with this entire look! Also the shoes, just perfect. You look amazing as usual.

  4. Kendi, I love you and you are an inspiration. But I really do not like those camel-toe sandals/heels of yours at all. There were the nude pairs and now there are these black ones. I just think they are unsightly for anyone to wear. Please stop. Sorry!!

  5. Kendi- is the dress black or navy? Went to purchase it, but it says navy/white. I am definitely a black and white kinda gal when it comes to clothing. Thoughts? Thanks!

  6. On the edge is right, of rocker chic. At from where I stand. I love how if you switched out the vest & mule bootie for pump & a cropped swing jacket…. you'd be ready for the office. (Conservative financial business office). http://stylegonerogue.com

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