Internet, let me introduce you to my husband; this is Bryan, or B, or him if you’ve ever wondered who I was referring to when I say ‘we’. This is the other side of my ‘we.’ And when I use the word ‘we’ in conjuction with this blog, it’s typically something I forced him into doing. For instance, “we’ve” wanted to do a his & her style post for a while now and “he” finally talked “me” into it. (Just in case you missed it, quotations mean sarcasm always. You can also apply this to real life.) It really wasn’t that much of an arm twisting, the boy has style. (He actually has a menswear blogWhat a cutie, right?) Plus, he got a new shirt, a happy hour and pizza after this shoot, so he really wasn’t complaining. 
Since we don’t have kids yet, you would think that every night around our house is date night. Well you are wrong. Sure we eat together, but there is just something not that romantic about me cooking meals at home, I can’t put my finger on it though. Is it the color of the boxed mac and cheese or perhaps the holes in my sweat pants? Surely that can’t be it. But although we are both homebodies we try to have a date night every week where we get dressed up and go out somewhere to eat, or go to a movie or double date with friends. Although this night we actually did end up just grabbing a pizza, it still felt nice to be in heels and out with a boy I’ve had a crush on for years now. Casual date nights are where it is at,  even though I always wear heels… just in case we want to go a little bit upscale. You can never be too prepared.
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  1. I saw it online a few weeks ago and thought 'no way is this going to fit right' and then when I went to the store, it fit perfectly!! So unless you want it to fit you perfectly, do not go back and try it on. It will be harder to walk away next time πŸ˜‰

  2. Love this! My husband and I are the same way. We love staying at home, but sometimes, you've just got to take a shower and spend a romantic evening on the town. Or at a Pizza Hut. Whatever. As long as I don't have to cook. πŸ˜‰

  3. Love this! I'm diggin' both of these looks. New clothes, pizza, AND happy hour? Sounds perfect to me!

  4. You both look super cute, Kendi! Love how sophisticated you look, but laid back and casual. My boyfriend and I are in a similar boat when it comes to homelife and date nights. I think you've inspired me to get dressed up and go out v. soon.

    XO Alison

  5. I couldn't agree more re: date night. We've been together for 8 years now and I totally and completely believe that our weekly date nights have something to do with that!

  6. I don't think there is a cuter couple on the face of the earth. Good call on the his & hers style posts.

  7. You are such a beautiful couple! and you have really made me want that jumpsuit!! I believe you are a fellow tall girl, which makes me believe I could actually pull one off too!

  8. You two make a cute couple, and both of your outfits are awesome! I really love how you made the most out of that jumpsuit by accessorizing with that leopard clutch and those awesome shoes.

    -Helen Grace

  9. RANDOM: Do you have to order Old Navy Talls? For some reason I imagine you're 5'11 like me, maybe it's the heels? πŸ™‚ I LOVE that jumpsuit!

  10. Lol its nice to to meet Bryan, glad you guys finally got around to doing a his and her post (wink) lol. You look so chic, love the simplicity of you outfit, you shoes are clutch are the perfect pop of print to this look.

  11. Kendi you look gorrrrgeous in this jumpsuit! I love it on you! Haha and I can so relate – even though the fella and I do things together constantly (meals, movies, whatever!) it's hard to make things feel like a date when you live together. Sometimes it takes really announcing that it's a date and getting a little dressed up to make it feel special! Love that you did a his & hers post here! So cute!

  12. Cool! I think every couple needs to go on date nights to keep the spark going! I love the heels and it's ok that you just got pizza, that's still romantic in its own way πŸ™‚
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  13. Love that this is a jumpsuit from Old Navy!! They seriously have so many cute things and I've said for years now they're my (not so much anymore) hidden gem!!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  14. I love this post. You guys are so cute! I love how you have matching poses too πŸ™‚

  15. Sounds like "our" life too. We actually go out to eat pretty often, but just because neither of us likes to cook that much. Still, there's something special about the dress up date nights. You 2 are hotties.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  16. Again – I wish I were tall enough for jumpsuits. If I were just 3 inches taller, I might be able to pull it off. I used to wear jumpsuits with shoulder pads and tapered legs in the mid 1980s. (My husband said I looked cute in them, I swear!) I was too short for jumpsuits, but no one really knew about style rules back then.

    You look amazing in this outfit! The clutch is my fav.

  17. Such a cute couple – you sound just like my man and I with the lack of both kids and date nights (holes in sweat pants included haha!)
    LOVE the jumpsuit too btw xx

  18. So sweet! I can't believe your outfit is Old Navy! You wear it beautifully! Since you mentioned it- no more dinner from a box! I'd love it so much if you took a peek at my new tiny sprout of a food blog. it took awhile to get the guts to do it, but bloggers like you have inspired me! Thank you!

  19. I know, girl. I was texting with a friend about jumpsuits in general and how hard they are to find the right one. I feel like petites can get away with short rompers though better than tall girls. I kind of look like an overgrown child in short rompers.

    Also, get it girl with that 1980's shoulder pads jumper. Shoulder pads in general — my worst nightmare.

  20. I have a steadfast rule to never look at the back part of my outfit or hair, which is why I stay far away from Target fitting rooms. Damn 360 mirrors.

  21. I'm 5'9" but thank you for mistaken me as taller. πŸ˜‰ I am pretty lazy when it comes to online shopping (and places usually don't have 'tall' in stores unless it's denim) so I either size up for the length, especially in onesies, or I just forego. But yes, I probably should order tall. Ha!

    PS: I sized up in this one for the torso length (if that makes sense).

  22. Y'all are adorable. I have tried to talk my man into a his/her post as well, only time will tell. πŸ™‚ Also, that black jumpsuit is adorable and very flattering on you.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  23. First of all, you look FAB!!!!!!!!! Can you tell me what brand and color lipstick you are using????
    Secondly, I think you two should team up for this blog to draw more audience. B is terrific as an all American male, perfect for Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic.
    Too bad when BR had the Mad Men Collection they did not use you two as brand rep……

  24. Well Old Navy says their Talls are for 5'10 & taller so I suppose you aren't a giant like me. πŸ˜‰ Talls are the bees knees though, if you're tempted!

  25. I have to say, you make this jumpsuit look 50x more than the retail price. Goes to show, mixing high & low can look just as smashing as all high-end pieces. Love it!

  26. adorable, both of you! isn't it always that way…one of us is always camera shy in our family πŸ™‚

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