Halogen Leopard Heels (size down at least 1/2 size, seriously)

It’s slightly bizarre to be talking about shopping for fall when it’s mid-July. But currently it’s in the upper 60s here (polar vortex? apocalypse? Christmas in July?) and it feels like fall so that’s helping. I actually need a jacket today. Texas, you’re confused. Back to fall shopping, from now until August 4th, Nordstrom is having their Anniversary Sale as you’ve probably heard if you read the internet at all. I had no idea about this sale until a few years ago when we had an employee at bloom who talked non-stop about this sale. I thought what is so great about it? It’s just a sale. Then I shopped it this year. Yes, it is just a sale, but it can work to your advantage in many ways.
So everything that is on sale is for pre-fall / fall so this is great if you want to get ahead on your ‘back to school’ shopping. (I am no longer in school and haven’t been for years, but I still love a good back to school shopping trip. I’ll use any excuse.) But let’s talk a few other ways that you can use this sale to help better your wardrobe for now or for later.
01) Shop for Fall: So this is the most obvious way to shop the sale — shop for fall clothes, since that is what the styles are. Since I had to buy seasons ahead for bloom, I learned kind of what to look for / what to stay away from when buying a season too early. My best advice would be to stick with either dark neutrals or typical fall colors. Think navy, black, grey, dark red, etc. I’d also suggest to go with pieces that will go from fall to fall — keep the trends for later. Fashion moves so quickly any more that if you buy a trend now and let’s say it never actually happens or you hate it, you’ll be kicking yourself come cooler months. Go for things that you know you’ll wear and that will last through the cold seasons. Classics now, trendy later. (I will defend the embellished chambray shirt though. Trendy but…CHAMBRAY.)

I picked a few classic fall tops below:

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02) Shop for Needs: So this is the time that I would tell everyone (especially if you are a fan of designer denim) to buy jeans. The ones I’m wearing are Paige and they ended up being $70 off, while still ‘in-season’. (Psst: ‘In-season’ doesn’t necessarily mean in style or out of style, it just means it’s within a certain shipment schedule for vendors and stores. They have so many styles and deliveries throughout the year, that most of the time ‘out of season’ just means it’s been on the floor for a few months.) All that to say, denim rarely goes out of season and if you are in need, this is the time for sure. I’m not extremely loyal to one brand but I like Hudson, Mother, Citizens and I just bought these Paige denim and so far so good. For fall, I’d stick with dark skinny jeans or black jeans. I wore my black denim a ton last fall. 

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Shoes are another need based item for fall. And if I had to get specific, black boots for fall. Black boots of all heights. Black boots for everyone!

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I’m also a bit partial to leopard print heels for fall and now, I suppose. The ones I’m wearing above are a steal! $59, my friends. (Size down, you will thank me later.)
Another need might be a handbag, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. Think about what you’ve been on the hunt for and get it while it’s still on sale. I’ve been wanting a lighter tan cross body (my wants are very specific) and I found this one which will work perfectly into the fall. (You know I love a good neutral.)

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03) Shop for Wants / Splurges: Since I’m a cardholder, the sale started at the beginning of the week for me and there was a Phillip Lim purse that was a few hundred off. I stared at it every day in my cart and of course I never hit purchase. (Let’s be real, I was never going to but it was nice to have it in my cart for a few days. I felt like it was mine.) I think it’s sold out now, but I told B that if I was in the market for a designer bag that THIS was the time. He told me I’d probably never be in the market, which hurt my pride a little. But all that to say, I could go to town on some designer duds with this sale. (I am well aware that people who actually wear designer, never address them as ‘duds’.) I present to you the want list of my dreams — and it’s on sale:

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I’m still trying to talk myself into those leather shorts. I’ve got a good angel and bad angel on my shoulders talking me in and out of it.

Silliness aside, if you are in the market for a designer handbag, or say Kate Spade heels, then again this is the time to get them while still on sale. Could you buy the heels in a size 10? That way we can share. Thanks, girl. And of course your ‘splurge’ doesn’t have to be designer or out of the park expensive. Mine was this Equipment blouse. I’ve fawned over Equipment from afar for a while and decided to go ahead and take the plunge with this top since it was on sale. It’s a classic.  

Wish lists aside, my anniversary sale purchases fell in the basic needs category. You just can’t go wrong with boyfriend jeans and leopard heels:

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So, what’s on your list for fall?


*This post was kindly sponsored by Nordstrom for their Annierversary Sale. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog πŸ™‚

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44 Responses

  1. Great tips Kendi! And I totally do the same thing with the whole cart thing. It's nice to pretend for a little bit that you can afford such extravagance πŸ™‚ Eek, I can't wait for fall!
    -Alex of http://snippetswithalex.com

  2. Great post Kendi! Thanks so much for sharing some ideas. I have those leopard heels in my basket as we speak (type?). Sometimes it's overwhelming to shop a sale, but I love how you divided things up.

  3. I know so weird to be craving chunky sweaters and jeans. This weather is so strange!

  4. 1. Love those pumps! 2. I can't stop shopping for fall and it's making me sad and feel like I'm hurrying summer off, which I don't want yet!!
    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  5. I was just pinning some fall outfits yesterday which I hate to do in July but the weather here up north is cool + breezy. It's playing with my autumn-loving emotions. I'm keeping this look in mind for fall, I love a classic look with some animal print. Happy Friday!

  6. I've been shopping the anniversary sale with my mom for over a decade. We're cardholders so we went last week and I bought a bunch of jeans, and after years of wanting one, I now own a Kate Spade bag.

  7. Boots, of course and always. But in blue, not black. And I always stock up on black SPANX tights and HUE leggings during this sale.

  8. I love what you said about jeans! I actually work for Hudson Jeans and quite frankly denim never really goes out of style! You gave some great suggestions! I also have a handbag obssesion too so dont feel bad about the philip lim purse. My BF would have said the same thing!


  9. Thanks for the tips! I just had a baby and am in need of a new wardrobe and I have been eyeing the sale!

  10. Kendi – I've been trying to reach you via FB and email. PLEASE READ! I bought an ad for your blog on passionfruit – I have the feeling you no longer post these ads, that's fine but PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY! I'm sorry to post in the comments but I don't know any other way to get my money back….

  11. Wow, I can't believe how cold it is in Texas right now!! I guess any excuse to throw on a summer cardi is totally okay.

    This is such great advice, but I'm still waiting for them to open up a Nordstrom in Canada. Soon though!!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  12. Hey girl! You've been emailed and your ad *should* be cancelled. Let me know if you have any troubles with it moving forward! Thanks πŸ™‚

  13. So I have a weird body when it comes to denim. If the inseam is shorter (like these are) I have to size up one size. (I have a really long torso and my waist and hips aren't that different so when jeans fall lower on my hips I have to size up. It's weird.) But it looked like most people found them true to size. I'd actually say TTS and they stretched as I wore them all day Friday. I hope this helps!

  14. Definitely snagging those leopard print heels. Been looking for a good pair for awhile and I think these are it! Thanks for all the great tips, Kendi!

    XO Alison

  15. I was in search of some leopard heels and I couldn't help but order these when I saw this post… andddd I bought the reversible black/cognac tote you had also posted from Nordy's. Gotta love the anniversary sale. Just received them today and I am obsessed with both – such great staples to have in my closet. Loving the blog lately… you help make putting together outfits that much easier!

    xo Tamara

  16. The Anniversary Sale is something quite special. Nordstrom ventured outside their Pacific Northwest home for the first time to Southern California and opened the amazing South Coast Plaza store in 1978. I was lucky enough to attend that grand opening which featured the Anniversary Sale. I was nine, and hooked ever since. I don't think I've ever missed an Anniversary Sale since then. My family went on vacation in San Francisco once during the sale, but we ended up going to it in SF!

    This look is definitely a favorite! Equipment is such a nice quality brand. This shirt is quite stunning with the animal print heels. The color of your bag ties it all together.

  17. I did the pre-sale and didn't look twice at the leopard heels….but seeing them here and how you wore them….went back and tried them on. Super cute! Different and fun! And definitely a bargain! Totally worth the return trip to Nordstrom.

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