You would never know that it was starting to rain in these photos but we were seconds away from being drenched when we finally called it. We had this random downpour last week and when there was a small break in the clouds we knew we had about 5 minutes to shoot. Since we typically shoot outside most days, I’ve never been so into the weather in my life. Wind and rain can ruin a good outfit day in a second, so you better believe I am on top of that weather report. It’s always a shame to waste a good hair or outfit on a rainy day. (Now that I think about it, that’s usually how I know it’s raining outside; my hair will be impeccable.)
I spent the weekend with my college girlfriends at what will probably be my last wedding as a bridesmaid. I might have also pretended that I was 21 again and today I am very much feeling all 29 years of age today. How was your weekend, friends? Do anything fun? 
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  1. Haha I practically lived in braids last week because College Station had the same random downpours, but thankfully this weekend it was all sunshine. Love the outfit!

  2. This outfit is wonderful! My favorite I've seen on you in a while. Fabulous!

  3. This look is gorgeous! I love the soft, neutral colors with your bright lip. I'm the same way–if my hair is perfect, it either means that the weather is awful outside or I don't have any plans for the evening 🙂 xx

    The What's In Between

  4. Such a sweet look! And the weather app on my phone is possibly the second thing I check every morning….one can never be over prepared… 😉

  5. I love, love everything about this outfit! Also, your legs are killer. 😉

  6. This is such a crisp, clean, and classy outfit – not too busy, but still interesting. Love everything about it!

  7. Kendi, I must ask–how do you get your hair in a bun?? My hair is about the same length as yours, and I can never seem to a. get all of my hair in a bun and b. have the bun be full, rather than sad-looking. Any hair secrets you don't mind sharing would be much appreciated!

    Also, love the outfit! Polka dots + red lips = perfection.

  8. I've seen the same (or similar) tote in Madewell and have been on the verge of buying it three times now! Guess that's a sign 😉

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post if you have a moment:

  9. Oh my gosh – Im a Kelly, and I have the exact same question!! Ive had my hair cut recently to be about the same length, now I can only pin the front back. not the back. Very frustrating!

  10. There's a big difference between 21 and 29, isn't there? Ooph. Well, you look crazy awesome either way. You look so great in white with your dark hair and red lip!

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  11. How did you find sizing for the Asos skirt? It is so cute but I have no idea what the fit would be like.

  12. I love your blog. I want to thank you for the blog about Spain. My husband and I are going to Spain in October and loved your info. I'm sure I'll overpack though!

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