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I could pretty much wear this outfit all of the time. And what I really mean is all weekend long which is exactly what I did. Sometimes if an outfit works, it works. Then I refuse to change and force Bryan to hose me off so that I can at least say that I showered.

You might have seen this bag floating around on the internet. Last seen on Tieka, now seen on me. You know who else is floating around out there? Carmen San Diego. I’ve been looking for her since 1994, and I still have not found her.



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  1. Oh Carmen Sandiego!!! I loved that computer game oh so very much and I find it very tragic that my computer no longer supports the game 🙁
    But I shall settle for ogling this outfit and dreaming of the day when I can pull off hipster glasses the way you do.

  2. i love this blouse and every time i see you wear it, i'm sad i passed it up! you've worn it so many ways and every one is cuter than the next. boo to me, but kudos to you! and i agree, if i find a wknd outfit i love, i'll wear it all wknd. 😉 ~ susan

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