I told myself that I would not do a typical “what am I thankful for” post. But I lied, I am. I made a list last night of everything I was thankful for and you know what? Not a thing was on there. Not an article of clothing, not an electronic that I own, not a book I’ve read. The only things on my list were not things at all but people in my life. I am so very thankful for the people I see each day (hello, husband), the ones I don’t get to see enough of (that’s you, dear family) and the ones I’ve never met but feel like I know (that’s you!). So today I am the luckiest and most thankful girl in the world because I know you and because you choose to live your life with me, may you be my husband, my family, or my friends. 
Thank you for being a part of my little life. Because of you I am thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving, my little turkeys. 

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  1. yeah i thought the same thing too about the thankful list idea…but i couldnt help but still say thanks for those important relationships in my lives!

    happy thanksgiving!!!

  2. I absolutely love this scarf. The colors of this outfit work together so well and it boggles my mind how one accessory can pull an outfit together so well.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kendi!! xo

  3. I love the polka-dots! Are they too different shirts? Awesome blazer as well.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Kendi! I hope you have lots of delicious food at your table ๐Ÿ™‚ Eat up!

  4. happy thanksgiving to you too! i love this outfit! my fav so far on your remix! that scarf is so cute and not too big and bulky. i think i need one.

  5. happy thanksgiving to you too! i love this outfit! my fav so far on your remix! that scarf is so cute and not too big and bulky. i think i need one.

  6. happy thanksgiving to you too! i love this outfit! my fav so far on your remix! that scarf is so cute and not too big and bulky. i think i need one.

  7. happy thanksgiving to you too! i love this outfit! my fav so far on your remix! that scarf is so cute and not too big and bulky. i think i need one.

  8. happy thanksgiving to you too! i love this outfit! my fav so far on your remix! that scarf is so cute and not too big and bulky. i think i need one.

  9. I love love love this outfit!! one of my favorites!!

    what a sweet thankful list! You're always so positive, thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. Lovin the layering. .the polka dots peeking out are CUTE… happy thanksgiving. Thanks for the difference you have made for me- I can wear great clothes now and be creative from learning from your 30 for 30!!

    xoxo J

  11. Well I'm thankful to have discovered your blog! LOL, really though I am thankful. I just discovered it yesterday and love it. I spent most of the day going through old posts. Keep up the awesome styling!

  12. I love the very complete and perfect outfit. Perfect fall colors for a perfect fall holiday!

    happy thanksgiving!


  13. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I totally have the same thankful list ๐Ÿ˜‰ People I love and who I have met are what I'm most thankful for. I'm also thankful for great bloggers like you who inspires me to look good and feel good!

    Love your outfit! I really like the jacket! I'm looking for the perfect jacket that I could add up to an office outfit or more casual look, any tips?


  14. Not sure if I've ever commented here, but can I just de-lurk a moment? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I've been a long-time follower and I just want to say thank YOU for providing me with such inspiration to dressing myself up like myself, not a tired, little, college student. But Me. As corny as that is, I just wanted to let you know how much of a delight it is to get a new post from you in my reader, as it definitely helps me pick out that fancy dress and heels and scoff at my frumpy sweatshirts. So thank YOU ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, can I just say that this outfit makes me want you to be my personal stylist so much more than I even thought possible? Okay, so I think I'm getting creepy, so I'll stop while I'm ahead!

  15. LOVE this outfit, the pop of colour from the scarf is amazing and I love the polka dot shirt peaking though! I hope you have a really Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Right back at'ya. Isn't amazing to have so much in our lives?

    Btw, this may be one of my favorite outfits of yours in the remix so far. The colors really suit you and the cut of the blazer and the pants are incredibly flattering. Nice!



  17. This is my favorite outfit. Possibly ever, not just of 30 for 30. I will definitely be trying to copy it when this challenge is over. I hope you haven't copyrighted it.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving, Kendi! I'm thankful for the little light your blog brings to my day every day ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. hello kendi.
    my name is mareike. I come from germany and i have also blog. I am a regular reader of your site and love your outfits. I would like to present your blog on my blog and also a few of your outfit-photos. with a link to your blog. if you did not like that, please write me a mail at


    my blog is called makel(los)? (in german) and the URL is:

    sorry for my bad english ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (love yout style)

  20. Hi Kendi,

    First time I am posting here. I have been following fashion blogs for more than a year now, and this will be the first outfit ever that I will try to copy. Why? Because for the first time it seems I have (almost) all the pieces.

    Like many others, even though my closet is full, most mornings I have no idea what to wear. But for tomorrow, I know: I have the exact same scarf as yours, a similar jacket, skinny jeans, cognac boots, at least 4 brown tops. I don't have the polka dot blouse and your gorgeous hair, but I will do with what I have.

    So thank you, Kendi, for saving me 15 minutes of frustration tomorrow morning! Even though in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving two weeks ago, right now I am thankful to your blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Cheers, Daria

  21. happy thanksgiving kendi! i'm thankful for this remix. seriously. you made my november something to look forward to. hope you get some good turkey in!

  22. I am a little new to the challenge and 5 days behind and this outfit has completely inspired me for the next 20 outfits i need to put together. I love it! I love the mix of colours and how you used your polka dot shirt to accent below the brown. And then the yellow accessory. I lOVE love it. It's a little late so i'm rambling but i i needed to let you know. casual. fantastic. fun. wonderful.

  23. I made a list of the things I'm thankful for too, and I found the same thing out, that the people in my life really do mean the most.

    On a less sappy note, the brown shirt and polka dotted shirt are absolutely brilliant together.

  24. This is one of my favourite outfits, ever! I want to figure out a way to recreate it with pieces I already own. Where is that polka dotted top from? It's such a great added detail to the complete look. Love it!

    I celebrated my (Canadian) Thanksgiving already, but happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  25. I love this outfit Kendi, one of my favourite of this 30 for 30 so far! We're equally as thankful for you – Happy Thanksgiving from Vancouver, Canada xx

  26. I just discovered your blog and I've been spending hours going through your archives. I love your style!
    I've decided that I need to buy a pair of skinny jeans, a skinny belt, and skirts…a lot more skirts.

  27. Wonderful thanksgiving outfit…such a great little scarf.
    I am also thankful for such a supportive blogging community that you are part of.

  28. I was away from a computer all Thanksgiving (kind of nice, right?), but have to say… This is one of my favorite outfits you've done this challenge. I love the polka dots peeking out of the brown shirt. Definitely bookmarking this one for inspiration!

  29. This is a fantastic view of the situation, I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve quite seen it from that perspective before.

  30. Je suis rรฉcemment tombรฉ sur votre blog et ont รฉtรฉ la lecture de long. J'ai pensรฉ que je laisserais mon premier commentaire. Je ne sais pas quoi dire sauf que j'ai eu plaisir ร  lire. Nice blog.

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