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I’m a bit sad that I’m already on outfit 14. My last remixes felt a lot longer than this. Just  a week ago I was on outfit 7, now the remix is already in her teens. Growing up too fast, I tell ya. If you are remixing along and you feel like you’ve FINALLY reached halfway, don’t worry this feeling is normal. I cried and complained a lot during the first remix and wanted to quit a few times. (Hush, I know that’s pathetic to share but the internet is my safe haven where I share my real emotions.) By now I know the routine and I know how to avoid those downfalls. So if you are finding yourself in a place of “I don’t want to remix anymore” then here are a few words of encouragement:
1. Go window shopping. No, NOT for new clothes but for new ideas. Find outfit inspirations that include similar items in your remix and go from there. Start building a few more outfits and once you start, you’ll soon be out of your remix rut. I like to look at catalogs, my favorite stores online and of course other style/fashion blogs. I keep an inspiration folder on my computer and save a cute outfit inspiration when I find one. 
2. If you have it, go through your outfit archive on your own blog. Be your own inspiration. Maybe there was an outfit you put together that you’d forgotten about and you can re-create it with what you have in your remix. Sometimes a little refresher course on your own style is the best thing you need. 
3. Follow along with other 30 for 30 remixers and find new inspiration. I can’t start to tell you how many fantastic remixers there are on that list. It blows my small town mind that there are that many stylish people out there, doing there own thing. 
4. Plan ahead! If you are struggling with putting outfits together each day, then take a few minutes and make a plan for the week. Just because you have less items to work with doesn’t mean you can’t be just as creative. 
5. Don’t give up. Look, every outfit won’t be the very best outfit you ever came up with, but that’s not the challenge, is it? Not every outfit in my remix is my most shining moment of fashion but my body is still covered and I still look (arguably) cute. I promise at the end of the challenge you’ll be a better remixer and shopper. Heck, if anything you didn’t spend a dime on clothing for one month! Can we say savings account? 
And as always, you can email me for even more encouragement. Although I’m taking a break on the inbox over Thanksgiving. I don’t want to get pie smeared on my keyboard like last year. 

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  1. I love love love wearing shorts and tights. It is a surprisingly warm combination, and looks super chic while being really comfortable!


  2. I'm on Day 17 already! Motoring through at the moment, got 7th December marked on my calendar as my last 30 for 30 outfit.

    Started to struggle the last couple of days but I'm not giving up and I'm not shopping (browsing on the web, sure). Feeling quite proud of myself so far 🙂

  3. lovely look, kendi! i'm such a fan of winter shorts with black tights and black shoes! and you rocked it, of course!

  4. I so wanted to give up but when I start something I like to finish and I love a challenge, so I'm still in there!

  5. Something that helps me is to go on sites like chictopia or other style blogs and try to find outfits that work with my 13 items. it's not always easy but it's turning out to be A LOT easier than I had anticipated.
    Another thing that helped was NOT looking at my closet.
    I took my items out and put them in the spare room and that means i don't have to be tempted by the items in my closet.
    I only have 6 more days in my challenge. [I still think it's crazy that we started this thing a week apart! what are the odss…]
    I can't wait to be able to just wear big knit cozy sweaters (I only have one blazer and one thin cardigan in my items – so did not consider the cold weather when picking them)
    This whole thing DEFINITELY made me realize I have WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too many clothes. If I can easily survive a week on 13, why would I need a bajillion(i rounded it up).
    Ok im writing a novel here. In conclusion, I would like to thank the academy, jesus and my mom.

  6. thank you for your encouragement! it has been a roller coaster of emotions for me, but i've learned so much. 🙂 thank you, thank you!

  7. i hit a rut on day 11 and had trouble getting out of it. but one are 100% right about checking out other remixers blogs … there are lots of inspiration and encouragement there. thanks for your encouragement as well. as a 30 for 30 first timer, it has been a not too difficult task so far. not that i have great outfits but i do feel somewhat cute and creative each day!

    happy turkey day to you and yours!

  8. I think everyone hits a wall at some point during the challenge. Even if you've done an amazing remixing job so far, at some point you start to "forget." These are great pointers and I love the shorts with the tights. So cute!

  9. "Aunt" Kendi, That's cute.

    In the third pick you remind me of Mary Louise Parker. Do you get that sometimes? Maybe it's the angle. I don't watch Weeds but i remember her from Fried Green Tomatoes. Anyway . . .

    Love this outfit! A chunky(?) sweater with shorts seems like an oxymoron (or something like that), but it soooooo works! As I dress to go out in the snow and ice, I will dream of the day when I can wear shorts.

    Staring my challenge on Friday. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  10. I love your tips- I am trying to do it 30 days straight (like ripping off a band aid right?) but you have me thinking maybe I should savor it a little more!

    Thanks Kendi and happy holidays!

  11. Thanks for all the tips! I'm not officially remixing but as a student teacher who's starting to build her professional wardrobe, these tips can really help me look good, feel confident, be creative, and save money. Thank you!! : )

    Also, have you heard of the website boutiques.com? It's great for outfit inspiration, too.

  12. Kendi, I love the shorts with the tights look! It makes me wish I had included a pair in my 30… I was nervous though because I haven't tried it yet. I will definitely attempt after the challenge! Thanks for all the style inspiration!

  13. Thanks again for organising this challenge!It has been a money saver! I haven't shopped for 2 weeks now but mostly I didn't feel an urge of shopping at all!When this challenge is over I'll start a new one with 30 different items!!!

  14. Wow i havent heard before about all this remix and remixers stuff and choosing items and all that but it sound really a challenged that obviously will take anyone to realize we can live with less clothes or shoes, but where's the fun in that??
    Its still a great great idea=)

  15. Ag. — great question! I don't feel like my style has changed, but I do think that my outlook has which I think affects my style. Essentially I have the exactly same closet as I did before, I just can wear shorts on a Wednesday wear as before I had to wait for the weekend or a date night. But I would have worn this outfit 3 months ago (weather permitting) and wouldn't have thought twice about it not being me. I think more than anything my style is evolving but not from a change in career, just as a change in my life.

    I have been drawn to more loose fitting things lately and more minimalistic colors and lines, but again it's probably just a style evolution than a life change. Thanks for the question!

  16. I'm overjoyed to be on 15… 16 once I bother to get dressed today. I'm a little behind in posting. I should uh double up uh uh. I'm getting really bored and looking longingly at the stuff i can't use AND the black friday sales. *sniff*

  17. My shopping list is growing longer by the second, and a pair of tweed "winter shorts" is way up there. Love the outfit and the words of encouragement. Today (#17) was the first day that I felt a little bummed about remixing. Luckily, I came up with a reasonably cute outfit.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  18. I love the look of shorts with tights. Buuuut, whenever I try it, I feel silly. What's the secret to pulling it off without looking like Peter Pan?

  19. Love how you're working the winter shorts look! I also can't believe you climbed up on that window sill in those heels – you're like Spiderwoman or something!

    And thank you for the tips on making it through to the end of the challenge – I'm feeling "ok" at this point, but am wondering if my creativity is going to bottom out sooner rather than later…

    Small Time Style

  20. I love this outfit! Tights and shorts are one of my favourite looks… and if I weren't living in a city with icy cold weather right now i'd be wearing them all the time haha.

    I really like the textured tights you are wearing. I think I need more tights!


  21. great look and words of encouragement! i bailed on the remis this year but nonetheless, they are good tips for anyone styling their closet and trying to keep from buying too much.

    hope you and the hubby have a great thanksgiving!

    i wander, i wonder

  22. Super duper cute outfit. Love the tights! Target has some cute, colorful, and most importantly CHEAP tights!

    Have a happy thanksgiving Kendi!

  23. The best advice is the planning ahead one! I plan my outfit ahead before I go to sleep. I have much mroe time at night to be thoughful about what I'd like to wear instead of groggy and pulling for my only pair of pants (again!). Thanks for the tips Kendi, you look beautiful :0)

  24. I'm starting my own 30 for 30 in a few weeks (I have to finish my own personal 'never worn this thing' challenge first…) and I am both terrified and excited about it. So thanks for the remixing advice!

  25. IT IS GOING BY SO FAST. i'm on day 18!!!

    i did tip four from the start so i wouldn't get overwhelmed/i'm too sleepy in the morning to think coherently and so now all i've been doing is shuffling around the days i wear the pre-planned and sometimes edited remixes.

    YOU LOOK SO LOVELY as always. there's an effortless way about you wearing shorts with stockings. I tried it and felt like an impostor but hey, at least i tried. haha.

    LUXE SWEATER IS LUXE. you look great!

  26. Very fall colored outfit. Love your shoes. I also get my inspirations from the same places and keep both a digital folder and an actual folder of magazine cut outs that are my inspiration photos. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  27. I'm not remixing at the moment, but I am loving your outfits so far! I really love the way the tones in this one complement each other.

    I might not be remixing but this post has inspired me to shop my own closet and to try and be more creative with what I already own 🙂

  28. I'm sure you heard that one before, but: girl, you got some serious legs and with serious I mean awesome (just wanted to be creative and use a different word). Anyway, I love this outfit. It's so much better than my Nr. 14. Actually thought about doing a 15 for 30 once. I mean I still have items left, which I haven't worn although I'm also (almost) half way through. Now off to finding new looks before I end up totally bored with myself at the end of this challenge 😉 xox, Macs

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