Hello everyone, I’m Suze from Miss Vinyl Ahoy. I’ll be your pseudo-Kendi for the day. Happy black Friday! I’m still in a post-Thanksgiving food coma, and stuck at work today. But that probably works out for the best, since I don’t need to go shopping anyway (and shouldn’t, since I’m on day 15 of the 30 for 30!).

Anyway, Kendi and I swapping posts today. We seem to own a lot of the same clothes, so we decided to style our striped Old Navy tee and see how different/similar our outfits are. My outfit is inspired by the opposite of the weather we’ve been getting here in Michigan. It’s been cold, rainy and cloudy for days. I’m so ready for it to be nice out again, which, for the Detroit area, means I have to wait until spring. These shoes aren’t really the most practical for cold weather, but I don’t care. I want to wear them with everything, even if they don’t match. Every time I wear them I want to sing Nancy Sinatra. Then I change my mind and close my mouth, because no one needs to hear that.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, are getting great deals during Black Friday, and hopefully you’ll think of me while you’re out shopping. Sadly, I’m stuck at my desk, wishing I were at home sleeping.

Thanks for letting me borrow your blog for my post, Kendi! To see Kendi’s sixteenth outfit, visit my blog.

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  1. Hey, what is going on here. I just visited your blog and you weren't there. Is this a parallel universe? Nice mix, as usual. (I have that shirt too.)

  2. Hi Suze! Loving how you've styled this top — I've got it too, I'll have to wear it soon 😉

    And yeah, sometimes you've just got to wear the shoes you want, weather or not!

  3. ha! The look of confusion on my face would have been classic but remains unseen as soon s I am only facing my computer screen 🙂

    Love the look!Those tights are brilliant!

  4. I am also inspired to sing based on certain pieces in my closet and I also close my mouth when that feeling arises. I think you're fun and I'm excited to read your blog

  5. So darling! I like how you've mixed in a bit of optimism here and there…I'm having a hard time with that one! Those tights are just scrumptious….and who says the shoes aren't seasonally appropriate? They keep your feet out of puddles, right?

  6. Adorable! Love your bright colors – they are very needed today in Michigan… I about froze my booty off today!

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