“I am naturally a person that loves to be creative. It is what drives me each day, but sometimes life can get you down and it can suck that drive from you. I started jenloveskev as a way to challenge myself to stay creative everyday with my outfits, in cooking, with my art and just life in general. I wanted to share with people that you didn’t have to spend lots of money on clothes to have a versatile wardrobe. That each morning you can wake up and put together a super awesome outfit from items that you have already worn a bunch of times. It’s all in the way you think about it! 
Why do I remix?
It keeps my budget in control and it keeps me feeling creative. There is something so rewarding about hearing someone say ‘I never see you wearing the same thing twice, you must spend a fortune.’ Haha I love knowing that I haven’t broken the bank on all the latest trends, but that people think I have.  Remixing keeps things fresh and with a few key pieces and a handful of accessories it creates endless possibilities. Life is short and when it comes down to it, I’d much rather spend extra money on adventures with Kev than on clothes. “
If you don’t already, follow Jen on her stylish adventures at jenloveskev

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Each month I create monthly capsules out of my favorite pieces, perfectly curated for each month.

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  1. I love Jen – JenlovesKev is a big part of the reason why I've decided to start my own fashion blog, she is a constant inspiration.

    Watching bloggers do 30 for 30 is also inspiring me, it leaves me wondering what do I have in my closet that has way more possibility than I thought.

  2. Thanks Kendi for starting this great challenge. You are one smart + inspiring lady! It was on honor to be able to write this little post!

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