We put our Sunday Best on today for two reasons 1) it’s Sunday and 2) we like to look our best on Sunday. It’s just that simple. Normally we just lounge around the house in cocktail dresses and tuxedos (Kendi in the dress and Bryan in tux, of course) but today we had other plans.

 An impromptu photo shoot (see below). 


Tripod + automatic timer = love. Was this for our christmas cards or just so that we can print out more photos of ourselves and line our house with them like wallpaper? I’ll never tell.

7 more outfits to go. Have I saved the best for last? Probably not, but I can’t go naked so we’ll see what I can come up with. Oh and did you notice? I have all of my 30 for 30 outfits so far collected on this page, in case you were wondering what the world would look like with 23 Kendi’s in it. Now. you. know.

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  1. That last one would be an excellent Christmas card photo. I really like how all of your photos turned out today, actually. They're crisper than usual.

    Your outfit was also lovely, as per usual. 🙂

    – Patricia

  2. the pictures of your impromptu photo shoot are so adorably cute! and i've told you before, but goodgollymissmolly you look identical to mary louise parker in that last picture. so pretty!

  3. You two have totally bested the Sunday best. Love your remixing today but your man is your best accessory (and vice versa)! ;D

  4. I love how you wore that shirt under your dress – the little peek at the sleeves is adorable! Also adorable… you and your husband. Oh my goodness. That's going to be some very attractive wallpaper.


  5. between these shoes and the pumps from urban outfitters… i want to steal your shoes! clothes too, but i figured that was already super obvious.

    i find you amazing! <3

  6. The polka dotted blouse under the dress is just pure genius! It takes the outfit from I-like-to-look-cute to I'm-a-master-at-life/fashion. It's so simple but the colors go together beautifully! I need to put together something inspired by this outfit.

  7. Let this go down as the strangest comment I have ever left anyone, but your visible ear in the first two pictures gives you a cute factor of 1829347893409310.32. Personally I think you should go with both Christmas cards and wallpaper. For posterity.

  8. I absolutely love this outfit! You are a layering genius. And I have GOT to find myself a yellow cardigan! Also, your photos with your husband are absolutely adorable. 🙂

  9. So, this outfit is gorgeous. Like really fantastic. But even better are the amazing pictures of you and Bryan. So beautiful, happy, and full of love.

  10. You look perfect! I love the pictures of you and your hubby! I'm also jealous because my boyfriend is camera shy so I have to beg him to be in pictures and then when he is it's usually the same awkwardly cute smile every time haha. Oh boys.

    Such a lovely post Kendi.


  11. these are the most adorable photos i've ever seen. you two look amazing & the photos would be perfect for lining your walls with a shrine to yourself, er, your christmas card. haha.

  12. This. Is. My. Favorite outfit ever. If only I had a little gray dress….uh-oh I have three of them…but no yellow sweater. Le sigh, we'll see if I can make green work. 🙂


  13. You two are very sweet! I like this outfit a lot. The polka dotted sleeves sticking out from under the cardigan is really cute.

  14. i was about to show my hubs these pics and PROVE that taking couple pictures is not only fun but necessary. but then i decided, let's not make him jealous, what with the ruggedness of your mans facial hair and all. for real, my hubs is hot but the boy can't grow a beard to save his life! the things we shift around on our "ideal man" list when we actually meet the right one, you know? 😉 hahaha!

  15. Do any cars ever drive by while you're in that garage and does it make you feel like a weirdo?

  16. OK, you immediately won me over with the mustard cardigan. I am a sucker for both of those things. But then, then, I saw the polka dot shirt layered underneath and I thought "Well damn, it just doesn't get much better."

    Also, I'm hosting a give away. Check it out.

  17. Ugh…you make me want to be all "pre kids and good looking and totally in love" again.


  18. I love your shoes, I saw a pair recently and made plans to purchase them once the remix is over, they look so adorable.

  19. Super cute photos. And I love the inventive layering you've got going on here… I've been doing it out of necessity to get some new outfits out of my 30 items but also to stay warm 🙂

  20. Aw, the pictures sort of made me squeak. But a good squeak! Like, "aw, so adorable!" squeak, not "oh my word, I saw a mouse!" squeak. Anyway, love the outfit, and you guys look so cute.

    Oh, and your mentioning if it's for cards or lining up the house with pics was too funny, but it reminded me that my boyfriend and I haven't done our Christmas pic. With the dog. Dressed as Santa. Canine humiliation, here we come!

  21. you look so great, and i love the Christmas card photos! my husband and i did that exact same thing on day 7 of the challenge, and my husband wore almost an exact sweater as bryan! good taste 🙂

  22. I really love how you are layering – it's giving me some good ideas now that it's getting so cold – and most of my clothes are not great for cold weather! Thank you! You guys look so adorable! 🙂

  23. Anonymous — only a few times do people drive by, it's pretty much abandoned on the top levels where we shoot. And yes, I feel like a complete weirdo, always.

  24. OMG it's official, you and your husband are the cutest couple ever!!!

    p.s. can you come to my apartment and fix my wardrobe?

  25. You guys are the cutest – I hope you use some of those photos for either your christmas cards or to line your apartment with more photos of yourselves 🙂

    Super cute outfit – as always

  26. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of oxfords–and I think you're wearing them! Can you link to the shoes or tell me exactly which pair they are? I browsed their website but can't figure out if they're there…

  27. ditto to the mere 73 comments. wondering if you or the husband have ever thought of answering photographer questions or formspring? maybe you already do and i'm just that intelligent! basically just love the crisp and color and post-processing.

  28. The last picture of you and your husband is just adorable! And haha to lining your entire apartment with pictures of the both of you–I've done the same thing myself. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  29. you guys are so incredibly adorable – you can see the love radiate! Too sweet.

    Love your outfit, too. You are inspiring me to combine mustard with navy and grey. What a great combo!

  30. I love those photos of you and your hubby – adorable. Especially the first one – I think that's my favorite. By the way, I just found your blog and I am loving it. You have a new follower here to stay …


  31. You and your husband look so in love!! I hope that I still look like that with my husband when I am married one day… 🙂

    Also I like the way you layered your dress with a shirt and cardi!

  32. I love the combination of gray dress with the yellow cardigan. Ingenious way to mix a neutral with a pop of color!

    I agree with the rest of tbe brood…all of these shots can be made into some kind of holiday card 🙂

  33. Okay, normally I am not a girl who loves romantic couple-y photographs, but these are so, so cute. You look so in love! Totally adorable. (And you look gorgeous, as always! Love the yellow on you!)

  34. you kinda of make me want to puke in my mouth. jk.
    that's only just because you and your hubby are adorable.


  35. GORGEOUS! Love this outfit!

    And I think you and Bryan would make fabulous wallpaper… I mean, I would buy it! Wait, is that weird?

  36. You guys look adorable! You should totally wallpaper your house with them. I really like the blouse peeking out of the dress and the cardigan. Enjoy the rest of the 30×30- I'm hoping to finish up soon as well!

  37. Looking at your 23 outfits so far I have realized that you have quite an extensive collection of tights. You own pairs in virtually every color or texture, and its amazing how much they can totally make your outfit. Through your inspiration Ive gone out and bought two more pairs of awesome tights, a black lace pair, and a scarlette pair in hopes to amp up my warmth and wardrobe without spending a fortune. Your a beautiful inspiration even when you dont try.

  38. I really, really love the way you have the polka dot peeking through at the collar and cuffs. Beautifully styled. You are definitely a pro.

    Just finished today and I am so thankful to you for this amazing idea (30 for 30, I mean). It's been such an eye opening experience! It's totally changed the how I want to dress and how I want to shop.
    Thank you.

    Leaving The House in THIS?!?

  39. I have a very similar cardi, but mine is from Target. I also pair it with gray. I love how it looks! I love your whole outfit. That dress is so cute!

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