I remember a particular morning when I was standing in my walk-in closet with absolutely nothing to wear. It was Thursday and I’d already worn my new items I had purchased the weekend before, so I was at a loss, naturally. Would this mean that I would have to think for myself? Dare I try something new and not before seen on a store mannequin? I shuddered at the thought. I left the house in some hodge-podge of an outfit, swearing that I would go to the mall the next weekend to fix my ever-present problem.

That day was a little over 3 years ago but I still remember it. Not the proudest moment of my life, but still a moment that I remember well.

It’s been a while, but I still remember what it was like to walk into a store and buy something because the store associate told me it looked good on me. Or because the store fronts that a corporate marketing team put together full of well-dressed mannequins really spoke to my style. My style was a culmination of every store that accepted my credit card. The mall was my maze and I was completely lost.

You’ve heard the story from here. I left the city and I left my beloved mall. (A blessing in disguise, although I didn’t realize that until much later.) We didn’t have a lot of money, as we left two great salaries for two lower salaries. And we had debt to pay off. So shopping was not an option. And as I unpacked my clothing into my new home, I realized that I didn’t like anything I owned. No wonder I couldn’t find anything to wear! So the transformation began. I started looking at fashion blogs to try to figure out the hot mess I had created. We paid off our debt. I figured out what I liked, what I didn’t like. I purged, donated and shopped when I could. I was well on my way of figuring out my style, as it would seem.

And in the midst of all of this I started a blog. To help me in my journey of style. To figure out what to do with my body type (a body type that no magazine could ever define), to figure out what to do with what I already owned (the good, the bad, the expensive) and how I could create a fool-proof closet. But then it happened again, I started shopping recklessly as I am prone to do. So the 30 for 30 was born. To set limits, to be creative, to love what I already have.

Why do I remix?

Because it helps me. It helps me remember my weakness and reminds me of my strengths. It helps me save money while being thankful for what I have. It reminds me that I do have style, but style isn’t something you buy, style is something you create. It reminds me that I have enough and with a little bit of creativity I can have even more.

And everyday I am able to get up and get dressed and be reminded of what I have to be thankful for. I am reminded that I have all of the resources I need, but to use them with great care. And that I can create and re-create myself each and every day.

This is the last outfit of my Fall 30 for 30. I’m sad to bid it goodbye, as I’ve had so much fun this time around. Third time is definitely a charm. See all of my outfits right here. Thanks for hanging around, I hope it’s been as fun for you as it has been for me.

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  1. Well done Kendi! Every outfit looked beautiful – and I so admire you for the movement you've begun. You've empowered women with free style – not expensive designer labels.

    Much love,
    Hannie – Tea and Biscuits

  2. Very well put. You've quickly become one of my style icons. You always look so put together without looking boring or safe. And you've given me lots of greats ideas on new ways to use what I already own.

  3. You are awesome Kendi! I loved this post, is it crazy that I almost cried?! Loved the remix, and I'm starting to love my closet/clothes more and more each day, and it's not because I'm adding frivolous, expensive clothes to it, it's because I'm actually SEEING it again! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  4. While I don't actively participate, you've definitely helped me break out of my this-shirt-always-with-this-skirt mold. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Congratulations on completing your 30 for 30! It is so important for us to remember what you just posted. Being thankful for what we have! I am also prone to shopping and once I've worn something once feeling like I have nothing to wear. Blogging has inspired me to use my existing pieces in new ways!

  6. Wonderful post! I especially appreciate the sentiment about being grateful for the resources you already own, and the understanding that "style is not bought; it is created". Your blog rules and you are the style queen.

  7. Great post! I completely agree with your conclusions – I've started to remix, and it suddenly seems like I have so much more to wear! I love your blog (and this is a great outfit – love the skirt with the red shoes!)

  8. What a well-written post! I've been on that trend treadmill too and I felt so lost. I started having tantrums in front of my closet because it just was never "enough". It wasn't until I discovered fashion blogging that I remembered how much I loved getting dressed in high school when I had limited options and budget. I started my blog to rediscover that too. I just could never put it as well as you have here.


  9. I have enjoyed following you! I have been inspired to re imagine my own wardrobe to save money for our adoption (cause kids are hella expensive!) and it is challenging but also fun. Especially when I am like- I really feel good in this one. So thanks!! 😀

  10. Kendi, our fearless leader, you never cease to amaze me! Thanks for being you, for writing this post and, most of all, for your honesty. As always it’s been great following along on your journey. You always make your readers feel welcome and now you have encouraged us all to be our own style icons. Here’s to the revolution!

    26 and Counting

  11. I love this post. I love your journey to find your personal style… sounds like mine. And I love that you said that you can't buy style… well said! I love your grattitude and I love that reading this makes me want to look at m closet in a new way.

  12. Thanks to your blog, I now shop or do my very best to shop with a purpose. While I was never one to buy a complete outfit off a mannequin, I did shop recklessly. Buying pieces I liked or that were trendy with no regard of how the item fit into my wardrobe. Thank you for being you and for creating this wonderful community of bloggers.

  13. Well put Kendi, and I am so happy that you started this challenge! I have often felt the same way you described and felt that I had "nothing to wear." Taking a part in your most recent 30 for 30 day challenge has really made me appreciate all of my clothes, and better yet my accessories. Thank you for challenging everyone to remix their closet!

  14. huh? what? This is day 30 …NO, say it isnt so. I came across your blog around day 17, and have enjoyed not only the idea, your outfits, but also your great sense of humor and writing. Ok that was fun, lets do it again LOL **hugs**

  15. thank you for participating, i don't even remember how i stumbled on your blog, as i'm a food blogger, but i've enjoyed it thoroughly, so much so that i've created a dress blog for myself so i can get out of my dress code comfort.

    you mention your closet a few times, will you do a post on how you organize it etc? i don't have a walk in and my room is so small, my dresser is actually in the hallway… it makes it hard for me to figure out outfits when my clothes are literally everywhere. would love to see your thought & dress process (without getting all porny of course! 🙂 )

  16. You went out with a bang. This last outfit is fabulous! You did a great job with the other ones as well.

  17. What a great culmination to the 30 for 30! This is definitely my favorite outfit 🙂

    Unfortunately, I can't participate in the 30 for 30. I'm currently preggers and everyday something else doesn't fit…lol. But it's refreshing to watch the 30 for 30. I don't plan on buying many maternity clothes so it helps me think about how can be creative with what I do decide to buy.

  18. Very well put! I didn't participate in the challenge, but I love what you say about style, it's not something to be bought, but rather created. You certainly were very creative with your 30 items…I never saw a post in which I didn't think you looked absolutely gorgeous! ~Serene

  19. You look so prim and proper, and I love your headband. This was the perfect outfit to complete your 30 for 30 remix.

  20. i think you have saved the best for last!! but it may just be because I own that shirt and am obsessed with it. you did a great job at "figuring out your style"!

  21. I love this outfit and headband! And kudos for coming up with such a brilliant idea- the 30for30 challenge has helped me see and style my clothes in a whole different way!

  22. I've enjoyed every single outfit you've created this 30 for 30 and couldn't agree more with everything you wrote. I hope to participate in a future one some day 🙂

  23. I love this post!

    I am going through the same problem right now, realizing I don't like any of my clothes, and figuring out how to remedy that on a very limited budget.

    I've been reading a lot of fashion blogs, and yours is my absolute favorite. I love your style!

    Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  24. Great summary for the Fall 30/30. I enjoy your grateful and appreciative attitude. I'm facing the cost of a wedding and will then face down my debt… so your budget comments resound with me.

  25. I love this; very well put, Kendi. 🙂
    I feel I'm currently going through what you went through a few years ago, not exactly in the same way, but I'm in need of a change. I'm tired of/need to stop spending a fortune to get "cute" clothes. And I want to create my own style, which is why I'm in the process of starting up my own style blog. You've been such a great inspiration. Thank you! and congrats on finishing the 30 for 30! woohoo!

  26. I just loved your remix! This headband is so cute on you… wondering if you feel like your daily style has changed now that you aren't working in an office setting? I would be curious to hear… 🙂

    Thanks for hosting another great 30/30!

  27. this couldn't be more me right now!!! husband and i are leaving for nyc in a couple of days and i have been freaking out because i have nothing to wear! and all the fashion blogs are great, but they crowd my mind with other people's style and i start shopping with them in mind and forget what i like. anyway, it's nice to know other people are in the same boat and i really like your remix. i hope you do it again in the near future! if not, i might just do a personal remix. i think i'm addicted to shopping and this sounds like the perfect challenge!

    thanks kendi!


  28. Kendi, I think we are soul sisters. This post sounded just like me. My shopping has gotten outta control, so I have decided to do my own 30 for 30. I am waiting til after my final then I will pick my 30 items. I will let you know when I do! I hope you will keep up with me and help me through my first with some encouragement!! I love your blog and your style is fantastic!!

    Sherry B

  29. This is such a pretty outfit! You could never tell that you've been wearing only those clothes for the past 30 outfits. Although, I am excited to see the rest of your wardrobe again 🙂 Congrats on completing the challenge!

  30. I'm so glad that I joined in on this challenge – it really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be (ok, so I did miss my shoes), and I totally learned that fashion does not equal style. Style involves much more creativity than purchasing fashion! It's been both a lesson in sustainability, fiscal responsibility, and creativity – and who would have ever thought those three words would be in the same sentence?? 🙂

    It's a lesson well-learned and I am totally in for the next challenge! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and creativity with all of us!

    Small Time Style

  31. i love your blog! does everyone say that? and i love this post. i think everyone feels like you did about their closet at least once in their life! thanks for reminding us to be creative!

  32. I really love this last look; it might just be my favorite from the whole challenge. Thanks for inspiring so many of us to join you in the 30 for 30; you've made a major impact on how we all view our closets. Thanks for everything 🙂

  33. I love that you're so committed to getting the most out of your clothes and to living a life that isn't dominated by sartorial indecision. I hate when I waste time waffling over what to wear! This feature/the question itself is great.

    I love this outfit. It's so simple and has such a great silhouette. And the shoes- yes! I love them every time you wear them.

  34. love this look! so very adorable!

    and thanks for starting this challenge and inviting others to participate. i've had a blast on my first 30for30 journey and i've learned so many new things that i never would have without your challenge. i've also "met" and connected with so many wonderful bloggers!

    looking forward to the next one. there will be a next one?


  35. oh man! love the pop of coral/red! and how demure and sexy, mysterious librarian-y you look! definitely my favorite type of look 🙂

  36. Kendi, thank you so much for introducing 30 for 30 to the blogworld. It has a truly inspirational & fashionable journey and like you, I'm learning to be thankful with what I got and now getting into the habit of shopping into my closet/wardrobe first instead of hitting the malls 🙂

  37. I felt the same way you did over the summer when I decided to start posting my looks and trying my hand at styling my outfits differently. I was realizing why I always felt like I had nothing to wear, it's because I only relied on styling it EXACTLY as I saw online, in the catalog or in the store.

    You certainly have inspired me to remix my closet in the new year but the whole not shopping thing scares me but excites my husband 🙂

  38. I am for sure doing a remix in the new year! You have inspired me to stop shopping just to find something to wear. And, I recently quit my super soul sucking (but well paying) day job to focus on my own business, so my bank account could use the shopping break!

  39. What a great post – I have enjoyed watching your 30 for 30 so much. I didn't participate because I am already overwhelmed with work, etc. but I have been on a buying freeze for over 2 months – partly in thanks to you! so thanks! 🙂

  40. What a perfect outfit to end your 30 for 30. I loved reading about your reasons for mixing and keeping up with you and all of the other new bloggers I've "met" through the challenge. I'm so glad I was able to participate, and I can't wait to do it again! I hope we all do another one soon!! 🙂


  41. I hope you realize what an impact you've had on other people's lives too Kendi. You have inspired countless women to rethink their priorities and encouraged them to embrace creativity! I hope you get the success you deserve from this!!!

  42. I know that "ever present problem" all to well!

    I'm just curious, why did you move back to Brian's hometown? You said you left two great salaries for two lower ones. I had always assumed you left for one of your jobs!

  43. You are a lovely writer. And I would be happy to adopt your wardrobe any day! Love the 30 for 30 and I can't wait to join you guys the next time around! Have a wonderfully happy Christmas!
    P.S. You completely look like Katie Holmes…effortlessly perfect…like I could really get you two confused.

  44. This was a great read Kendi. I've been wondering where the idea of the remix came from. I often feel blahhh when looking into my closet, which is ironic seeing as how everything in there was something I once loved enough to buy. I really like that you took something you didn't like about yourself and devised a project to challenge yourself. I think it's inspiring and really empowering too. Your 30 for 30 has always intrigued and sort of scared me (I've been reading you regularly for the past 2) but I think I might actually be ready the next time one rolls around. Thanks!!

  45. bravissima bella! best outfit, and remix, to date.

    this trailblaze of yours has helped me quite a bit.. thanks for that. 🙂

  46. Thanks for helping me realize that I have a great wardrobe. Remixing has been so much fun.

    And these photos? Amazing.

  47. Your 30 for 30 was, as always, quite inspirational. Though I'm not posting about it, I'm doing a similar exercise and have been doing so since December 1. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  48. Kendi! You are amazing and I have enjoyed following you these last 30 days. You have inspired me a great deal with your wonderfully creative outfits.

  49. I really love this outfit. And your reasons behind why you remix are so eloquently put! I can't wait to do another challenge and follow where your new journey takes you!

  50. Kendi–the last photograph above is beautiful. And I want to THANK you for organizing this and encouraging all of us to make the same discoveries you have.

  51. thank you for putting this remix together, and for sharing your story with us. it's been so much fun watching you & so many others be creative, inventive, and so honest – showcasing what we're able to do with what we have! i've learned a lot from all of y'all (and i'm excited for the next one!)

  52. I love the line about style not being something you buy! So true but so often forgotten. I love the little pop of colors those shoes give everything 🙂

  53. Love your last 30 for 30 outfit! And I loved reading the story behind 30 for 30! It's very inspirational, and I'm going to try very hard to like what I have already. I used to buy whatever was on sale, so I do have a sort of giant conglomeration of clothes that I only half like, but I'm learning to be better with buying clothes. Even if something is more expensive, I'll buy it if I really like it, and I'll skip all the cheap things that I would buy only because I think I'm saving money.

  54. Maybe I'm biased, but I am in love with this outfit. I think it's my favourite of all your remixes this time round. LOVE it! By the way, as I was reading your story, it totally terrified me that given the same experience when we walk into our wardrobes, you did something awesome, and I kept shopping… oh dear. hehe

  55. Thanks so much for creating the 30 for 30. It has made me look at my closet in a different light and has changed the way I shopped.
    Oh and I thought that my co-workers would notice that I was wearing the same pieces of clothing almost everyday. But guess what, no one did.

  56. Loved seeing your outfit creations throughout this challenge! Maybe next time I will have the guts to join in the fun!
    I wanted to let you know how inspiring you are! I am 35 weeks pregnant with my second daughter and since having my first, I've discovered this amazing online community of fashion bloggers. And I think I've discovered my own style through each of them. This time around the pregnancy bend I feel so much more like myself than I did hiding in those awful maternity clothes that I shamefully donned before.
    I've been keeping a maternity series on my blog and it's kind of transformed into a style post for each week of pregnancy.
    So even though I am sharing my body with this tiny baby inside, I am loving getting dressed and embracing the body that I have.
    I think all you stylish girls are to thank for that.
    So thank you thank you for encouraging us!!

  57. What a great blog, fun and chic, very nice discovery .. I 'll come back fore sure!
    PS: gorgeous blouse ^^


  58. This is such a heartfelt post! You are truly an inspiration, Kendi. You are so honest, truthful. This is what makes you stand apart from the rest. Your writing voice, your genuine insights. Don't ever let that go.

  59. Such a great post (and I love that polka-dot blouse with the button-front skirt), Kendi.

    Thank you so much for organizing another 30 for 30. I'm glad I participated this time!

  60. That is a great philosophy to have about clothes and style in general! I need to work on it. I'm learning so much over here!! 🙂
    I discovered your blog a few days ago, and I have been (mildly obsessively) going through your archives…all I can say is that I wish I had your closet and at least some of your sale-finding skills!

  61. Ah – thanks for wearing that blouse again! I love having new ways to wear it since I have it too! You look fabulous!

  62. thank you for sharing that story. this might sound like ridiculous request, but how did you do it? i'm planning on purging my closet. i have so many clothes that i have never worn, don't fit or simply don't flatter me at all. as a student i don't have a whole lot of money. do you have any tips how how to pick clothes that flatter and will last (aka good investments)?

    thanks so much 🙂 and i love your blog!

  63. This has been such an awesome journey and I loved every one of your outfits. You are inspiing so many women like myself on how to be creative and shop our own closets. Thank you!

  64. I just started reading your blog not too long ago and I just love, love, love it!! You have such a witty way of writing and your clothes are super cute. I especially like seeing your outfit creations because you're a fellow Texan like I am. 🙂

  65. I notice that you are always wearing J.Crew, which is where I work, so I thought that since before your new 30 for 30 begins perhaps you would want a few new pieces…25% off entire store (and that includes the sale section thankfully!) AND you don't have to spend an ungodly amount to get that discount…which is always nice for us budget friendly folk

    ps.I love your blog, your somewhat a genius in my book

  66. I absolutely love the 30 for 30/remix idea. I've been telling my friends about it. You are a genius for coming up with it and spreading the word. I haven't done it myself, but have contemplated trying. Maybe one of these days I will take the plunge and do it!

  67. Thanks Kendi girl… the remix was awesome.. and I loved participating in this.. what a fun idea and I know what you mean.. I have found my own style. for me. not compared to anyone else. and people have gotten ideas from me.

    so great.
    thanks for your inspiration and leadership. and human-ness!!!

    xoxo Jodi

  68. I am totally joined the next 30 for 30. Please start giving us a heads up when it is coming near. Thanks for the inspiration!

  69. I'm sold on trying 30 for 30 the next go round. I may even start a "Mini" one after Christmas to test my skills out a little.

    Love the shoes with this shirt.

  70. I hadn't noticed kendieveryday.blogspot.com before in my searches!
    This really is a wonderful source you happen to be supplying and you also give it totally free. I enjoy seeing web sites that comprehend the value of providing a outstanding resource for free. With thanks!

  71. Dear Kendi,

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am you three years ago. I spend way too much money on clothes, but I never have anything to wear. I have no clue what's even in the ridiculously large closet. I'm not in big debt or anything, but I could spend my money so much wiser.

    You're a real inspiration and starting January first, I will first not buy new clothes for a month. During this month I will purge my closet of anything I don't like. Then, I'll make a plan to discover my style and what basics I need.

    I just want to say thank you. For the first time in my life I'm enthusiastic about doing with less and you inspired me.

    Ahh what a rant. I feel like you and I should be on Oprah in six months. 😉
    Congrats on a great 30/30/30 🙂

  72. i just want to say thank you. thank you for giving me the inspiration to look at what i already own in a new light and creating a fun style that's all my own.

  73. I was going to tell you which outfits were my favorites but that would include a lot of numbers. They were all fabulous!
    A question: do you live debt-free? If you do, good for you, that is fantastic! I bet that would make shopping for clothes quite enjoyable!

  74. You are by far one of the best writers I've ever come across! So glad you Remix and have introduced all of us to it. Thank you for always inspiring me Kendi 🙂

  75. Kendi, like many others in this long list of comments, I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to be a little more creative with my closet. I am a lawyer who wears mostly suits all week, and was getting really bored with my suits and other clothes. I was going to shop, except I live two hours by plane from the nearest mall. Today, I considered some of the options I've never put together before…and felt pretty cute, rather than just "a suit". Now I can wait until I get to travel to that mall…knowing I have more in my closet to wear. Thanks again!

  76. Love reading your story & journey!
    You are such an inspiration to me, dear!

    And congrats on finishing your challenge.
    Cant wait to participate in the next one, and hopefully by then, I will have the guts to post online (:

  77. Very well said, Kendi! Thank you for this lovely post… I have enjoyed watching your journey, and reading your posts. You've ignited a lot of thought in others as well. For me, my style that has morphed throughout the years due to various life changes (babies!) and city changes (living in a city now with more of a range of funkiness) and … time of life changes. I am just about in a place that is starting to settle— in a good way. I think we are always evolving, and I love, and am inspired, by your style, words, ideas, and journey!

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