Yesterday I went to my husband’s christmas party lunch for the company he works for. It was out at a campground, so jeans were the only realistic option. When my husband saw me he said “you look very equestrian today.” At first I thought, ‘well that’s a strange thing to say’ and then I remembered that I was sitting on a horse with my riding hat on. Silly me.

So I’m still holding on to that evil cold I caught last week. I’ve accepted the fact that it’s probably found a nice home inside of my body and I will feel like this forever. And no, this is not being dramatic. This is being realistic. Dramatic would be me blogging about my cold ever chance I can and asking for remedies and sympathy… oh. I see your point.

I already miss the 30 for 30. I know that sounds weird but I can totally relate now to someone who wins the lottery. It’s like one day you have like $200 in your bank account and the next you have $5 million. It’s shocking to your system. I went from 30 pieces I could choose to wear and now I have 5 million. (My closet is HUGE). And while it’s exciting to see my closet as a nice big resource now, it’s like what do I wear next? Or I guess in the lottery winner’s case, what should I buy next? A house, a car, a huge inflatable jump house to put in my backyard for the ultimate afternoon enjoyment?

 I think this is why fortune has never come my way.

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  1. How do you manage to look like that while having a cold? No Rudolph nose, no tired eyes…what's with that? You're probably the best looking sick person I know.

    1. I’m definitely feeling the intimidation of the re-opened closet. I just moved, so I don’t really know where things are, which makes getting dressed a wild search for something specific.

  2. I adore this equestrian look–and you pull it off so effortlessly. I was recently given the suggestion of belting my blazers, and seeing it on you, I think it time to pull out my limited belt collection and see what can happen.

    Have fun with your horse! 🙂

  3. I'm looking forward to your next 30 for 30, but I'm going to put my love for thrift into the mix, and do an all-thrift 30 for 30. Should be interesting and maybe humorous at times. You look fabulous as always . . . and very equestrian-Laurenesque. : )

  4. yea, i have the same problem on the weekends. i have to wear certain things for work, so i have a limited work wardrobe. then, weekends come and BAM! i am paralyzed by choices. it is a sad affliction. 🙂

  5. Great combination!
    Any chance we will get to see your closet any time soon? 😉

    Those jeans look really nice. I always have the hardest time finding jeans at Gap. Great boots!

    Hope you feel better.

  6. Seriously – I didn't know what to do with myself when I regained full access to my closet – my first day being done, I ended up using two pieces that were in my challenge! 🙂 This also may be why it looks like my closet exploded in my room right now…

    Adore this look – so very classic! I love the "equestrian" look 🙂

    Small Time Style

  7. I think I might join in the next 30 for 30 comes around… I pondered it this time but was skeptical but now…. seeing how well everyone did. I think I have the courage!! I have the crazy large closet with "nothing to wear" all the time. congrats on completing it!!


  8. i found you while you were halfway done with the 30 for 30 so I am definitely in next time! I need to persuade my brain i'm not shopping as part of a challenge, rather than have it tell me not to because I can only afford Ramen noodles.

  9. the equestrian look is one of my favorites to pull off! 🙂 good luck with that darn cold. mine went away after a couple weeks, but it keeps teasing me like it might come back. jerk.

    and yes, i blogged about my post-30 for 30 depression. no one warned me about that, and i sure didn't see it coming!

  10. I just had a cold that took 10 days to get over and then I still felt puny for a couple of weeks afterwards. So, it probably won't be forever but it will be longer than you'd like.

  11. Sounds like it's time to open up the Kendi Shop again! Here's to wishful thinking!

  12. You look fabulous for feeling sick. Your post is hilarious.
    I'm preparing for the next 30 for 30. Im determined to learn how to mix & match patterns and not be so matchy matchy (if that makes any sense).

  13. Ditto others on a closet post!

    And this is one of my favorite looks lately – I love the clean lines and the equestrian feel. You wear it well.

  14. You (and your Kate Middleton hair) look great! I always look like a hot mess when I'm sick and my face gets blotchy. So far, I'm definitely feeling the intimidation of the re-opened closet. I just moved, so I don't really know where things are, which makes getting dressed a wild search for something specific. Yesterday I felt like the majority of my 30×30 outfits were more me and more coherent and then today? I wound up resorting to leggings and sneakers after multiple attempts at dressing myself. I kinda miss the 30×30.

  15. Well, since we're spending New Year's Eve at my in-law's house this year, I'll keep it cute and comfortable with the It's a Bird, It's a Dame Navy Blue Dress.

    BUT if we were going to go out and do it up all fancy-like, I would absolutely, without a doubt, rock the Elizabeth Taylor One Shoulder Navy Blue Dress.


  16. I would take equestrian as compliment, it suits you well. I know exactly what I would do if I won the lottery. I would pay off all our debt, buy two new cars, a 3-4 bedroom modest home, a few fun things, help out a few close family members, travel, and try to invest/save at least half. I would not go on a crazy spending spree, I would try to be very cautious. I have too much time at work to think about silly things like this.
    My Heart Blogged

  17. I LOVE your style. You've become my inner-critic and inspiration whenever I go shopping. Thanks for keeping up this blog!!

    I know this is dorky, but I gave you a little cutesy blog award over on my blog … just thought you'd like to know.

    Merry Christmas!

  18. I really like the Jack by BB Dakota Belicia Dress. So far, my plans for New Year's Eve only involve going to a football game! But hopefully we can jazz it up a little bit!

  19. Wow Kendi! You pretty much pulled this look off w/o a hitch. I always try and it never seems to work just the way I want it to :/ Your blazer is pretty perfect though! I think that might have something to do with it.

  20. If you have a sinus infection I swear by Alkalol. No, it's not a strange Norwegian coctail brewed from rotting shark meat or eel, it's a herbal nasal wash(which, on reflection doesn't sound any better), but I swear it helps. I had a sinus infection for 2 weeks, I soaked a cotton ball in Alkalol, snorted it up my aflicted nostril a couple times and within a week my itchy ear and throat was cleared. You usually can find it at the pharmacy, they keep it behind the pharmacy counter. You might also give Oil of Oregano a try. The herbalist at Whole Foods says its great for scratchy throats, respiratory stuff, and head colds. My dad said it helped his cold. Hope any of this helps.

  21. You look adorable and yes, rather equestrian. Love that style, so that's a good thing. 😉 Sorry to hear you still have that cold. I'm glad to have beaten off mine, which is another reason I'm still running on my 30 for 30. But maybe it's also because I don't want it to end. Everybody seems to miss it, so let's see how I'll feel next week. xox, Macs (macsblog.tumblr.com)

  22. Hey ! I love your blog .You give me inspiration to keep going , even I'm not in the age of blog ! Looks like i'm an ancient person ! just kidding !But anyways i have one !
    Feel better


  23. Adorable, my dear!

    Are those the Always Skinny jeans from GAP? I'm asking because I have them, and they're pretty much the only jeans I ever want to wear anymore.

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