Friday Night Likes

//Friday Night Likes: a round up of a few things that caught my eye this week. //

If you are looking at this thinking, where is the color? Well…yeah, you right. But I’m loving this olive-grey I’ve been seeing popping up here and there. Like this fleece lined jacket (for under $100 too!) — it’s this soft shade of olive that could just almost be grey. Same goes with these flats — are they sage or are they grey? Doesn’t matter because they are CHIC.

This one is a bit of a cheat because I own them now, although to be fair, I just found them this week! Freaking Amazon, man. You can just *think* of an item and it’s at your doorstep. *thinks of wine + dark chocolate + new soft pajamas* I am doing a try-on for Amazon soon and I picked up these grey jeans. For $40 they are a really really nice pair of denim. I love the idea of grey jeans for fall but I don’t know if I wanted to commit to my typical designer denim. I always suggest trying a trend based look out first on a lesser expensive brand and these don’t even feel less expensive. They fit TTS, as well! Find them here. 

This cardigan is a FRIGGIN’ STEAL at Anthro right now. Not sure what’s going on there but um it’s on sale with an extra 40% off. So that makes this cardigan $60! They are having extra 40% off of all their sale this weekend, so that’s chill. There are a lot of good things — check out the sale here! You can find this olive cardigan here (comes in a few other colors, too!)

I’m alllllll about the layered necklaces these days and I love a set like this one from Shopbop. I’ve not bought this brand before but I love the double coin look. Reminds me of my Madewell set but just a bit more intricate with detail. Find this necklace set here! 

Oh and not to give my whole try-on away but this leopard print top is going to be featured too! I sized up and do not regret it. Find this under $20 shirt here!

As always, happy weekend friends!

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  1. Briana says:

    I love the cute selections!


    10.12.19 · Reply