Bell Sleeves

I saw this sweater last fall that had bell sleeves on it, love it but didn’t buy it.
Before you ‘Cool story, bro’ me, I have a point. Ever since that sweater encounter, I’ve been subconsciously obsessed with bell sleeves on clothes. I automatically like it if it has a bell sleeve. I still look for that sweater on sale and can never find it. I like to think that one day it will find me. That or somebody will knock it off next fall and I can buy it then. This is usually what happens anyways. I won’t give up the search, bell sleeve sweater of my dreams.
Back to bell sleeves, I love that with this dress it feels part boho, part classic black dress. It’s a new twist on an easy black dress and it’s perfect with over the knee boots if I do say so myself. I’ve yet to find something that over the knee boots don’t look good with. Next on my to-do list: try tall boots and sweatpants. It’s gonna be a busy day. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Beautiful beautiful outfit!!

    Kisses from

    01.20.16 · Reply
  2. Love this outfit! That dress is perfection and those boots are amazing!

    xo christa |

    01.20.16 · Reply
  3. Sasa Zoe says:

    Love bell sleeves<3

    Shall We Sasa

    01.20.16 · Reply
  4. Love the bell sleeves! Makes the outfit super fun to wear!

    01.20.16 · Reply
  5. Love the Givenchy bag! 🙂

    Enjoy your Wednesday!
    Lily |

    01.20.16 · Reply
  6. Natali says:

    Too adorable and girly outfit, I like it a lot! 🙂

    01.20.16 · Reply
  7. Eden Mint says:

    Those bell sleeves are super cute! It really gives the dress style. Love it paired with the boots too.

    01.20.16 · Reply
  8. okay this is easily the cutest outfit I’ve seen today! x

    01.20.16 · Reply
  9. Ahh I hate when you see something, don’t buy it and then can’t ever seem to find it – but I love that you’re convinced you will one day be together 😉 This dress is lovely though, and I love the over knee boots with it!

    01.20.16 · Reply
  10. Love your dress and boots! You look wonderfu .

    || D I A N A ||

    01.20.16 · Reply
  11. Natalie says:

    But did you remember to tie the bow? ?

    01.20.16 · Reply
  12. Jen K says:

    I love this outfit! Love the bell sleeves and that dress is super cute paired with those shoes!

    01.20.16 · Reply
  13. Love the outfit and really love the boots!

    01.20.16 · Reply
  14. Kate Style Petite says:

    Great way to style OTK boots!
    xoxo –

    01.20.16 · Reply
  15. natashaufl says:

    LOVE this dress! Looks comfy and cute!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

    01.20.16 · Reply
  16. natalie says:

    every piece in this outfit is so gorgeous! the bag, dress and shoes loveeeee


    01.21.16 · Reply
  17. your dress is so cool, I love the sleeves


    01.21.16 · Reply
  18. This look is perfect!

    Big Dreamer

    01.21.16 · Reply
  19. okmi says:

    Like your beautiful hairstyle!!

    01.21.16 · Reply
  20. I am sharing your bell sleeve love, it looks incredible! And the colour of the boots are gorgeousssss!

    Shot From The Street

    01.21.16 · Reply
  21. Lovely dress!


    01.21.16 · Reply
  22. Rach says:

    This dress is perfect!

    01.21.16 · Reply
  23. Bell sleeves look so good on you! I’m sure the universe will bring that sweater in your life!
    xo Adri |

    01.21.16 · Reply
  24. marina miouprincess says:
    01.21.16 · Reply
  25. Aurélie Alias Mounette says:
    01.22.16 · Reply
  26. Bell sleeves are having their moment and I LOVE IT. I’ve seen a bunch of tops at Zara with the bell sleeve and it’s such a ’70s throwback. Love how you paired it with the thigh high boots.


    COFFEESLAG Current Healthy Habits

    01.27.16 · Reply
  27. This is such a beautiful dress!

    Silkarmour /

    01.28.16 · Reply
  28. Love that dress.. so stylish and comfy looking!! 🙂

    And those boots are gorgeous and perfect for the dress! 🙂

    Twitter | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    02.02.16 · Reply
  29. Ebbie says:

    I absolutely love those boots

    02.25.16 · Reply
  30. Joasia says: dress is so cute and adorable. Speaks perfection.

    03.30.16 · Reply