Shoes are surprisingly the one thing that I have a hard time branching out in. Sure I’m no stranger to a bright pump or even a cage heel every once in a while. However, lately all I’ve been wearing besides boots is a classic pump. Classics are staples for now and ever, and I’ve really been trying to build up my collection of classics this year. But I realized that in my tunnel vision of classics I tend to forget about taking a few risks. One of the best places to start taking style risks is with your shoes. This outfit could have easily paired with boots or booties, but with these heels from Sole Society it changes the whole outfit. This outfit now has attitude, the good kind — no, you know what? This outfit now has the bad kind of attitude. And it’s sorry, that it’s not sorry.
I also like to bust out a pair of unexpected heels in the winter months. It’s a nice break from booties and boots. Are my feet cold, you ask? I don’t know I can’t feel them. Oh and wanna know something else shocking? This scarf is a poncho. I’m just using it wrong. Heels in the winter, poncho as a scarf — I’m just a regular rebel without a cause over here.
*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Sole Society. The items designated were provided courtesy of Sole Society

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26 Responses

  1. Love this outfit… the colors and textures! I feel like Lorelai Gilmore is out there wearing an outfit like this right now! 🙂

  2. love the mix of greys and blacks. Esp loving your scarf. I’m such a sucker for scarves.


  3. Haha love the rebellion. I sometimes wear my cape as a blanket scarf. It works so who cares lol.

    Mich x

  4. My favorite looks are often those that are dressed up/down merely by the choice of shoe — I love how those fab heels really elevate (no pun intended) your outfit 🙂

    And ahhh poncho as a scarf – what a versatile piece!

    Sampz and Such

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