I knew going into this winter that I wanted a camel coat. I usually gravitate towards colorful or graphic coats and in the end I’m always reaching for that one staple: the camel coat. This one has not disappointed, since I got last fall. It can go from denim to dress and I like that about this coat. I still feel elevated and classic, no matter what is on underneath. (Also it’s on sale now! Just another thing to like about it.) I also feel like on this side of winter (the spring side, not fall) I like to lighten up my winter wardrobe a bit. Says the girl in black and grey, but something about this camel colored coat makes it feel less winter and more spring, which I have to say that for the first time I am not ready for yet. Usually by now I’m dying to wear spring dresses and styles, but not quite yet for me. I’m just now getting used to my big cozy sweater uniform. I think I’ve reached a winter zen, you guys. The season that was once my nemesis I’ve now made friends with. How can you hate a season that brings you oversized sweaters and pretty coats? Says the girl who has yet to see a snow fall this year and I’m 100% okay with this.

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