I saw this sweater last fall that had bell sleeves on it, love it but didn’t buy it.
Before you ‘Cool story, bro’ me, I have a point. Ever since that sweater encounter, I’ve been subconsciously obsessed with bell sleeves on clothes. I automatically like it if it has a bell sleeve. I still look for that sweater on sale and can never find it. I like to think that one day it will find me. That or somebody will knock it off next fall and I can buy it then. This is usually what happens anyways. I won’t give up the search, bell sleeve sweater of my dreams.
Back to bell sleeves, I love that with this dress it feels part boho, part classic black dress. It’s a new twist on an easy black dress and it’s perfect with over the knee boots if I do say so myself. I’ve yet to find something that over the knee boots don’t look good with. Next on my to-do list: try tall boots and sweatpants. It’s gonna be a busy day. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Ahh I hate when you see something, don’t buy it and then can’t ever seem to find it – but I love that you’re convinced you will one day be together 😉 This dress is lovely though, and I love the over knee boots with it!

  2. I love this outfit! Love the bell sleeves and that dress is super cute paired with those shoes!


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