Olive & Blue


{Top: Bloom | Jeans: Similar – blue | Shoes: ShoeMint | Scarf: Similar}

This is one of those weeks that I keep thinking the week is done and it’s Friday. When you have deadlines, this is a terrifying, anxiety-inducing thought. Unless of course my deadline was to party, then it would have just been disappointing that it wasn’t Friday.

You should know by now that if my hair is in a bun it’s a) dirty, b) a shower might have been optional and c) I’m teetering on the line of ‘dirty chic’ and ‘don’t care.’ We’ve pulled some late nights this week to launch our new fall collection for Bloom and this morning it just hit me, square in the sock bun. But the good news is new fall styles are online now! Totally worth a tired face and the dirty bun. And also worthy of the nap I will be taking in about two hours.

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  1. Sarah H. says:

    Olives: gross. The color olive: not gross. Dirty hair: potentially gross, but I think you're pulling it off.

    Sarah's Real Life

    08.30.12 · Reply
  2. Roxy Barr says:

    I love your top! The color is gorgeous, and looks even better because of the sheerness of the top.
    🙂 Roxy

    08.30.12 · Reply
  3. Would never have thought of this color combination but I love it!  Also I have a vintage polka dot scarf that is literally identical to yours 🙂

    08.30.12 · Reply
  4. I love your bag!!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  5. Kendi Lea says:

    I've never understood the love of olives either. But as a color in a shirt form, done.

    08.30.12 · Reply
  6. Andrea says:

    very pretty! love the colours of this look!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  7. I LOVE your top. It's gorgeous!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  8. Stephanie Lam says:

    I'm wearing the same shoes for my outfit post today!! hehe 🙂


    08.30.12 · Reply
  9. Si says:

    love your bun! 

    08.30.12 · Reply
  10. Kendall says:

    Love that the sock bun makes dirty hair look chic – can't live without it now 🙂
    xo K

    08.30.12 · Reply
  11. Meagan Murtagh says:

    can we get a sock bun tutorial up in here?!
    dirty chic has been my go-to this summer too

    xo the egg out west.

    08.30.12 · Reply
  12. Natali Karppinen says:

    You look gorgeous! Great bag and jeans!


    08.30.12 · Reply
  13. I am not judging you for your dirty hair at all.  Late nights for work make things like that acceptible.  Plus, I'm not even looking at your hair because I can't get over your amazing cobalt blue pants!  Note to self: Learn how to pull off brightly colored jeans as well as Kendi.

    08.30.12 · Reply
  14. Carlee says:

    You look lovely dirty hair and all! I love those blue pants. That is really exciting about the new fall styles for Bloom!
    Almost Endearing

    08.30.12 · Reply
  15. Megan says:

    Gorgeous outfit! That olive shirt looks amazing and I'm drooling over that bag. Also, your dirty hair looks waaaay better than my dirty hair!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  16. Liz says:

    love the outfit!!


    08.30.12 · Reply
  17. Really cute look, love this colour combination, I've got khaki jeans and just got a cornflower blue top to go with!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  18. Amaris Mang says:

    I love this outfit; you are FALL ready! 🙂

    08.30.12 · Reply
  19. Margarite Nowlin says:

    Hi my dear!  You are so stunning and witty!  I bought these shoes because of you the same ones that you have here—I have to know were yours INSANELY comfortable from the very first time you wore them???

    08.30.12 · Reply
  20. Wow…if that's what you look tired, then what is the matter with me when I'm tired? I look like a half zombie, half living person…and my hair never looks as perfect as that, even on my non-tired days. Hats off to you, Miss Kendi! 


    08.30.12 · Reply
  21. anto says:

    lovely outfit! You look fantastic and not tired at all.

    08.30.12 · Reply
  22. lindsay says:

    I would have to say I am a fan of the color olive, however not a fan of green olives themselves. Disgusting creatures they are. 
    You my dear, look glorious- not disgusting at all, even with that dirty hair.LindsayLindsayJEveryday.blogspot.com

    08.30.12 · Reply
  23. lindsay says:

    PS- Why is it I only find vintage scarfs that are like $38? Why can't I ever find one thats a reasonable price & cute. Show me your ways.


    08.30.12 · Reply
  24. Amy Welch says:
    08.30.12 · Reply
  25. I finally figured out how to do the sock bun! My life will never be the same. Love the blouse and those shoes!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  26. Yelena Kleyner says:

    It is so funny how universal the hair up=dirty hair thing is! I was having one of those days too. Congrats on getting the fall styles online! My faves are the Multi Panel Blouse and the Pretty Pleats Skirt. So lovely!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  27. Liesbeth says:

    I love the color of your blouse!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  28. Jenny Habjan says:

    The fall collection looks great…especially on your adorable self! You are definitely living my dream life by owning your boutique. Good luck with the new stuff. Xoxo

    08.30.12 · Reply
  29. love this look!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  30. Heidi says:

    Love the look and love the Fall styles. The Fall Blooms dress is gorgeous.-Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

    08.30.12 · Reply
  31. Chaz says:

    If only I looked as good as you when I'm tired! I just saw myself in the mirror and it's death-warmed-over for me. Maybe I should try a sock bun!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  32. Rachael says:

    Gosh, I wish I looked this good un-showered and exhausted!  You look gorgeous and I love your hair in the high bun.  Glad the week is almost over for you and excited to check out the new fall collection 🙂


    08.30.12 · Reply
  33. Ellie12 says:

    LOVE this look! the little touches of polka-dot & leopard print are so chic & fabulous!  

    http://www.chevrontochiffon.com/  🙂

    08.30.12 · Reply
  34. Unnati says:

    you look great for a girl who is about to take a nap!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  35. Zahra Sandberg says:

    Loving this combination and the fall collection is fantastic! Worth all of the hard work – I am sure it will fly off the shelves!


    08.30.12 · Reply
  36. Alissa Futhey says:

    I LOVE this combination!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  37. LOVE your shoes!  And love your bun.


    08.30.12 · Reply
  38. Amber Lindsey says:

    I love the blue pants! Very cute!
    I'd love if you'd check out my latest post and let me know what you think 🙂

    08.30.12 · Reply
  39. Caroline L. says:

    Would've never thought of this color combo myself, but it's so unexpected and lovely! Your top is beautiful… blousey shirts for the win!


    08.30.12 · Reply
  40. I love how, despite claiming lack of sleep, how stunning you always look! I desperately need to get myself out there and find some vibrant colored pants.  I can just feel your bun staring me down, saying, "yes, yes you should."

    08.30.12 · Reply
  41. Sara says:

    I love this look! Would have never thought to put royal blue and olive together. I love it!! And I can't wait to check out everything new at Bloom!


    08.30.12 · Reply
  42. Tiffany M. says:

    Love this look Kendi 🙂 I'm loving olive for Fall and it pairs so well with the cobalt blue pants!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  43. Kirsten648 says:

    I tried on an olive jumpsuit this week because I wanted to try out tout that trend and didn't get it because I didn't know what to pair with it! Now I do!


    08.30.12 · Reply
  44. Nat says:

    In love with the shirt and pants! 🙂


    08.30.12 · Reply
  45. Blolive looks great on you 🙂
    Pity you do not ship to Europe (yet), but I am looking forward! 🙂

    08.30.12 · Reply
  46. Anne Hill says:

    For the record I only dream of my dirty hair looking this good!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  47. Amie says:

    LOVE everything about this look – but my fave is the scarf on the bag! Adore!!!!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  48. Angela Andrews says:

    I love that color combination! I want to jump on the colored jean train so bad but I should probably wait until I'm not pregnant anymore!  I have decided to try your 30 for 30 challenge and would love for you to stop by and check it out!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  49. Librarian on the Run says:

    Kendi! I love your new Bloom fall collection! I sent you an email via your blog here – I hope you got it – but I was asking about a satchel you used in some of your item photos! Like this one here: http://www.bloomdowntown.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/teal-pleated-skirt – do you know who makes this satchel or is this something we can purchase from Bloom??? I've been looking for something like this for work for AGES!!! Love your fall collection!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  50. Deb C says:

    Kendi, will you share with us how to create that chic sock bun?  Also, I'm going to jump over to your Bloom site now!  Can't wait to see the fall line…

    08.30.12 · Reply
  51. Seekingstyleblog says:

    Love that blouse!

    xo Jennifer


    08.30.12 · Reply
  52. Librarian on the Run says:

    Kendi! Never mind! I found it 🙂 It's the same as your pink one – just the tan color! HAHA! My librarian researching instincts figured it out! Melie Bianco, right?!? CUTE CUTE!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  53. Supal says:

    Those shoes are awesome and never would have thought to mix olive and blue! 


    08.30.12 · Reply
  54. rebstr2710 says:

    I love that bag! can you tell us where we can get one?!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  55. Jackie says:

    ooh a nap sounds so good. and dirty chic, who cares? your face is gorg with all your hair pulled back. i mean, it is all the time, but especially today.

    08.30.12 · Reply
  56. so pretty.
    love the bag, and those shoes.



    08.30.12 · Reply
  57. Kristin says:

    Love the shoes! Will check out the new Fall collection. Get some much-deserved rest 🙂


    08.30.12 · Reply
  58. Fashion Koketi says:

    Love the unexpected colors together!

    Monica from Fashion Koketi

    08.30.12 · Reply
  59. Totally felt like it's Friday all week!  Why do we wish our lives away? lol

    08.30.12 · Reply
  60. I actually have the supplies to try out a similar outfit! Thanks for the inspiration, and be on the lookout for a copycat!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  61. Laura Tidwell says:

    I always love your looks Kendi! SO great!!


    08.30.12 · Reply
  62. Heather says:

    You look gorgeous! Dirty hair or not 😉 
    I especially love that bag, though!
    xo Heather   http://ahopelessnotebook.blogspot.com/

    08.30.12 · Reply
  63. I keep thinking it's Friday too! And I'm in sock bun mode now, too. I love this combination of cobalt blue and olive! So cool. The shoes are great, too! 


    08.30.12 · Reply
  64. Amy says:

    You look great! I love that floral scoop back tank 🙂 great pics for fall! 


    08.30.12 · Reply
  65. Marya says:

    Today on E! I heard this style of pant referred to as "Jeggings", that's right, Jean-Leggings.  When I heard, I thought, I have to tell Kendi!=)Congrats on the Fall line!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  66. Loving these shoes! 

    xoxo Jessica

    08.30.12 · Reply
  67. Anna says:

    love the colour of blue!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  68. Amyshaughnessy says:

    Love the heels with this outfit!


      Fashion and Beauty Finds

    08.30.12 · Reply
  69. Wini Tavenner says:

    I love love love your pants!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  70. Jenny says:

    Kendi, I think you're funny & I like your outfits but the items in your store are seriously overpriced. It may be me but, is anyone really paying $78 for floral polyester dresses?

    08.30.12 · Reply
  71. TheresaTran says:

    Love this. (: A collared blouse and jeans and some cute shoes make for a great, effortlessly chic outfit!


    08.30.12 · Reply
  72. Count To Four says:

    love the pants because i just love cobalt blue!


    08.30.12 · Reply
  73. Rosely Carrasco says:

    Wow your blouse is gorgeous, the color and fit are just amazing. The whole outfit looks so cute.

    08.30.12 · Reply
  74. Ruthie says:

    Everything I want is already sold out in my size!!! Total bummer…

    08.30.12 · Reply
  75. Christineturple says:

    Oh Ken I you have saved my butt(literally and figuratively) so many time for inspiration on colours the I never would have thought of, you and JCrew:-) Honestly though how do u stick to your rules especially about budget and only buying something that goes with 5 other things? Is there some magic will power serum or something. I am having trouble with this one.

    08.30.12 · Reply
  76. Christineturple says:

    Sorry for previous post with sp mistakes, my tablet touch screen is driving me…of course I mean Kendi, not Ken.

    08.30.12 · Reply
  77. kristian satterlee says:

    Excited to see your fall collection. 

    Love the color combo of this outfit. Not something I'd of thought of, but it works well. 


    08.30.12 · Reply
  78. Mara says:

    I wouldn't even be able to tell that you're tired. You look so pretty and I WISH my dirty buns looked like yours. Mine kind of look..what's the word? oh yeah dirty 🙁

    Oh and I think I need to look into ShoeMint because I kind of want to steal those off your feet!

    08.30.12 · Reply
  79. I'll exchange with your tired look any day!! 

    08.30.12 · Reply
  80. Leigh says:

    Interesting mix of color. I like the mix of bold color with neutral green! I never would have put those colors together but I like it! 🙂

    08.30.12 · Reply
  81. eelsay says:

    I knew I recognized those shoes from somewhere! Shoemint! love the look casual yet chic!


    08.30.12 · Reply
  82. Katelyn says:

    I'm seriously diggin' this sheer button-up top look. If I could wear mine every day and have it be socially acceptable…I probably would.


    – Katelyn

    08.30.12 · Reply
  83. PirateAndLilac says:

    Those pants look amazing on you!  I've been shying away from cobalt, but now I'm inspired to give it a go!

    08.31.12 · Reply
  84. Congrats on the fall line! I love how you paired the green with the blue. I have the same color jeans!



    08.31.12 · Reply
  85. Sarah H. says:

    Yes. And olive oil is also A-OK in my book. As long as it doesn't get on your olive shirt, and then you're screwed.

    08.31.12 · Reply
  86. Reb says:

    and there I was wondering if I could wear my olive green top with my cobalt blue skirt.. looking gorgeous girl!

    08.31.12 · Reply
  87. Love the fall line!!! Can't wait to launch mine!

    08.31.12 · Reply
  88. Amy B. says:

    great color combo

    08.31.12 · Reply
  89. Jaimie says:

    Cuuuute outfit!! And your new collection is gorgeous! Worth all the work for sure.

    08.31.12 · Reply
  90. sihijau says:

    love it! 🙂 Irene Wibowo

    08.31.12 · Reply
  91. Love the outfit! I was rocking a clean bun today which is the result of spending far too much time not being awake so that you only have about 2 seconds to fix your hair! And that's why I love a good bun! 🙂 

    08.31.12 · Reply
  92. Samantha says:

    I have been searching for colored jeans and even though they are everywhere, I cannot find a pair that fit right and don't look stupid. Maybe I just need to get use to the bold attention to my lower half or something.

    08.31.12 · Reply
  93. Haleigh says:

    Such a clever color combo for fall! It's great! Also, I love the new look of the blog 🙂


    08.31.12 · Reply
  94. Erin says:

    I looove that bag!


    08.31.12 · Reply
  95. Happinessatmidlife says:

    Interesting color combo! Love your shoes!

    BTW – I love naps – wished they would let me take one at work 🙂


    08.31.12 · Reply
  96. I love this color combo. I may have to try it!!:)

    08.31.12 · Reply
  97. shastablasta says:

    A few bun related things: 1. I wore a bun today for similar reasons, though some of my reasons involved wine. 2. Have you tried the bun screws from goody? They're amazing. 3. I saw this ribbon technique that looks fun thought her hair looked too nice to be putting in a bun to begin with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_XalR_TAgw Buns!

    08.31.12 · Reply
  98. EMA says:

    I love this post a lot! You look stunning!

    08.31.12 · Reply
  99. I'm in love with this color combo cause I've been eyeing some cobalt blue slim cropped dress pants at the Gap for some time and I already have an olive green top that is similar to yours. Thanks for the style inspiration!

    08.31.12 · Reply
  100. So simple yet gorgeous. I love your olive top!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee 

    08.31.12 · Reply
  101. RedTagChicLosAngeles says:

    Loving that top bun Kendi….& that sheer olive top is a must-have!!


    08.31.12 · Reply
  102. Kat says:

    If you're tired you've either got good makeup, good acting skills or are good with photoshop, 'cause you don't look it! Congrats on the new line – loving the polka dot sweater!

    08.31.12 · Reply
  103. Laura Whitman says:

    Love these colors together! Very cute. 🙂 
    Yay! Skipping over to look at the new fall line now! Congrats. 


    08.31.12 · Reply
  104. pretty little things says:

    those leopard print heels are so fab on you! love the whole outfit! xo


    08.31.12 · Reply
  105. We adore your leopard print heels, and the way they look against the bright blue jeans!

    08.31.12 · Reply
  106. Chloe says:

    Olive shirt directly following post about Olivia = NOW you've reached creeper status. 

    Just kidding! You look fabulous (and not creepy at all). And the fall styles look fantastic. 

    08.31.12 · Reply
  107. Jupe_Cambria says:

    Soooooo relate…it's been an insane week for me and Fri is both terrifying and relief!  Love your shoes sooooooo much.
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com 

    08.31.12 · Reply
  108. TAYLOR says:

    Love that color combo. Never would have thought of it 🙂


    08.31.12 · Reply
  109. Ooooooo, I love those colors together!!  The bag goes so well with the look too! xo
    Best, M.

    08.31.12 · Reply
  110. Rose Eva says:

    Pretty, love the scarf tied onto your bag! x

    08.31.12 · Reply
  111. Julia Lolita says:

    I really love your style! Your blog is such an inspiration. Keep them coming. I had a couple of questions for you but your contact page doesnt seem to be working on my end. Help. 😀

    08.31.12 · Reply
  112. Andrea says:

    i am in absolute LOVE with your shoes!

    08.31.12 · Reply
  113. Robin Hudson says:

    A vintage scarf on an old purse is always my favorite way of freshening things up

    08.31.12 · Reply
  114. Mz Savvy Style says:

    I love your shirt! Camp shirts are my fav! Tired or not, you look great as always!

    09.01.12 · Reply
  115. Sheislovely says:

    Love this sheer olive green blouse!! So cute. 🙂

    xo – Sheila


    09.02.12 · Reply
  116. Mica says:

    I love your bright blue pants! The polka dot scarf on your bag looks great too 🙂


    09.03.12 · Reply
  117. kendra says:

    I love EVERYTHING about this look right from the bun to the shoes! 


    09.06.12 · Reply
  118. Love your colour and style of your blouse!

    09.16.12 · Reply
  119. courtney says:

    This outfit is so chic! I love the color combo!


    02.01.13 · Reply