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Tomorrow is September 1st and that means it’s almost fall. Technically yes, somedays here it is still in the upper 90’s but that doesn’t mean I can’t at least wear fall colors with the hopes of one day layering without sweating. It’s fall somewhere, right? I’ve been singing sweet love songs about fall weather to my scarves and jackets at night. That’s why I’m so tired this week — not because I run a shop but because I’m crazy on the inside. It’s all making sense now isn’t it?

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  1. Kendi, I'm singing lullabies right there with you!  Can't wait for fall!

  2. I love this rich green color for the fall! And we're all crazy on the inside in some way! Happy friday! 😉


  3. oh, grey jeans. might need to add those to my list of items to buy post baby!

  4. It's amazing how versatile those leopard heels are! Or, I should say, how versatile you make them look! I've been pushing for fall for about 2 weeks now, which leaves me feeling sweaty, but hopeful. Can't wait to check out the new Bloom collection!

    perfectly priya

  5. I love, love this top so much! Plus the shoes make it perfect!

  6. your feet look really tan in those shoes 🙂 and yes that is a compliment

  7. Lovely ensemble!  I have a similar top from j.crew that I am waiting to wear again.  Did you trim your hair again?  It looks really good today!

  8. It's funny how the grass is always greener! We didn't really have a proper summer here in the UK. Lots of rain, but when the sun did come out, it was glorious! 

    I on the other hand will be whispering sweet nothings to my shorts and sandals and dreaming of tropical island warms. I'm not crazy though…. I think!

    Another great outfit! I adore the shoes.

  9. I love your lace top!  And the polka dot scarf on your bag.  So cute. 🙂

    Also, I continue to love your writing as much as your outfits.  Thanks for always being witty and hilarious!

  10. I love this top! Anxiously waiting for it to be fall as well, so tired of this Texas heat!


  11. Usually one part of your outfit really pops to me and the rest flows great with it. This time, I love every single individual piece. I love the light-colored jeans on you and how you rolled them, that adorable shirt, those kickass shoes and all the accessories. 

  12. ooooh…love that teal crochet sweater thingy! Those heels go with everything!

    Here it's like 100 outside today. That's okay, I'll take a longer summer whenever I can get it. BisousSuzannehttp://bisous.typepad.com/bisous/

  13. I can't wait for fall either!!!! So excited~ Love the top! Great outfit. (:

  14. i adore that green lace top! as sad as i am that summer is making its exit, i am excited about apple cider, fall clothes, and YES, boots! 

  15. Every one is a little crazy on the inside, I still dream of the day I get to wear a jacket, boots or even a scarf with out melting. (Tropical weather problems).

  16. Over here in The Netherlands it was 53 degrees Fahrenheit. And I wasn't dressed for it! I was freezing in my gingham and bodywarmer/waistcoat.

    I really like your top. Though I wouldn't wear long trousers in such hot weather.
    Love autumn! My fave season!

  17. You're SO fab! Its hot almost 11 months here in Karachi, Pakistan! Love your styleee <3


  18. Kendi, that shade of green is so beautiful on you!

    Also, being a fellow Texan, I know you must've been sweating in that outfit! You are braver than me, my friend. 🙂

  19. Love the top so much!  I have also just put grey jeans at the top of my must have list after seeing them on you!

  20. I agree—so looking forward to fall outfits! I'm loving your teal lace + leopard combination. 


    PS. I do the same thing when I get a new pair of shoes that I love, wear them every day! But, really, what doesn't match great leopard heels?

  21. come visit us in SF it's Fall all year round. My biggest challenge is how to wear scarves and jackets and still feel like summer!!! Try that one!

  22. Ah the top is adorable! I'm so glad i stumbled upon this blog! You look lovely.

    —————————————————–Putri SoeSUPERNICE

  23. I went shopping this weekend and thought of you while I did it.  I ended up with a dress to wear to everything I can possibly think of, save the bounce house party I'm about to attend.  Not really a dress-event … but everything else is! : )  Cute outfit!

  24. I hate to be the odd woman out but i DO NOT like this outfit. lately, i have not liked her "style" choices.  i feel that maybe she's too preoccupied and her creativity is faltering.  Don't get me wrong, i still visit her blog and I LOVE HER, honestly!!!  but im not as big a fan as i was last year when she excelled at mixing patterns, silhouettes, and textures. the shoes look cheap; and because of this, will quickly go out of style.  Nine West, Aldo and Steve Madden have great leopard pumps that have quality craftsmanship with a reasonable price tag. quality materials+classic concepts= will never go out of style.  and i cant emphasize enough how important it is to tailor your pieces; her pants are wrinkled and ill fitting.  the entire outfit and accessories look haphazardly put together. 
    I KNOW and HAVE SEEN her do better….DON'T HATE ME GUYS ;( but sorry, not my fav.


  25. Those shoes are gorgeous!  Love them with that pretty sweater!


  26. If singing to them would make it sooner to wear them, I'll join you! I started teaching again today & only want to wear my fall work clothes! Silly weather.

  27. this look is adorable. from the color to the texture! it's inspiring how you started this blog, then started your clothing store… INSPIRING~


  28. I totally fell in love with this top when I saw your post, and I am a HUGE fan of lace. I'd marry it if I could. Also after all your posts I really wanted to try peplum. SO today I got a lace shirt like yours AND it's peplum. I just thought you should know. I wanted to make you proud. (:

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