{Blouse: Bloom | Jeans: Gap | Heels: Similar}

By the time you will read this, I will be up in the air on my way to New York City. Technically this is during fashion week, but sadly no one accepted my offer to walk the runway for them this year. Some people just don’t know a good thing when they see it. Instead I’ll be speaking Wednesday on a panel about entrepreneurship at the IFB Conference. (Remember the post when everyone thought I hashtagged bacon? Ah yes, now it’s all coming back to you. That conference.)

I had big plans for a sock bun tutorial this week and a few other cool posts but I ran out of time. Next week I’ll post a bun tutorial, I promise. But I promise like a bad ex-boyfriend who lies. So don’t hold your breath. 

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  1. A very beautiful outfit, I really love the blouse! Are you shipping also to Germany with bloom? 
    And have a good time in New York, can't wait for your photos!

    xxx Anita

  2. Love how you paired summery colours and totally made a fall look! Love this! The cardigan is gorgeous.


  3. Have oodles of fun on your trip, my dear…sounds like a blast! And that top is really lovely, the fall colours make me smile!
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.comCheck out my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  4. rolled up jeans and heels are my favorite. hope you have so much fun in New York!

  5. Have fun!!!  I'm excited to read all about your trip!!  (and I'm excited for the sock bun tutorial…have seen it on pinterest and just can't "get it.")


  6. This look (which, ps, I love) HAS to be inspired by a certain JCrew lookbook outfit. Right? 

    You nailed it, of course. 

  7. I LOVE this outfit.  Especially the top!  Hope you have fun this week!

  8. THIS is my favoritest outfit from you yet! (yes, that *is* a word) And i love the remark about the bad ex-boyfriend.

  9. Love your top!!! I love the unique colorblocking on it! (: Very cute outfit! Have fun in New York!!


  10. "I promise like a bad ex-boyfriend who lies." Classic Kendi humor! Love it!

    My favorite part of this look is the shoes. They are so pointy and vintagey. I got a pair like that the other day from Modcloth, except they're glittery! Can't wait for them to arrive!


  11. Fun top and great styling; the blue shoes are perfect.  Have a great time in New York!


  12. Another winning outfit!! 
    I have to know where that bag is from.. It's ADORABLE!!!

  13. That blouse is so gorgeous and unique 🙂 Have fun in NYC lucky lady!


  14. You're about 18 months and 2.5 million already posted video tutorials too late on the sock bun thing.

  15. Good luck at the conference!  Love your outfit, as always.  Where did you get that bag?  It is tres cute.

  16. I've been obsessed with this blog for probably over a year now.  Wish I had the chance to attend the conference.  You should of held a meetup for all your NYC fans!! Not that this weather is conducive to looking cute.  My hair expanded to new heights on my way home last night.  Curly hair problems right?  Good luck today gurrrrl!

  17. You will do such a great job speaking I'm sure! I kind of wish you had hashtagged bacon. It's delicious, even if it doesn't make sense. Love that top!

  18. I just must tell you out of any blog I read, and I read a lot of blogs, you are my favorite writer. Seriously your so funny and honest. For example I laughed out loud when I read this "But I promise like a bad ex-boyfriend who lies. So don't hold your breath." Seriously I envy your wit! Thanks for the adding some joy and laughter to the day! 

  19. Thank you! You inspire me to dress out of my comfort zone! I love the shoes:)

  20. I love those pumps, they make your legs look nice and tan. Congrats on the IFB panel, I wish I were going to that and fashion week of course… 

  21. Ouch… these pointy shoes are too cheap, lacking clearly class.  Pointy shoes are awful, I expect they don't come back.  I would be indulgent in other girl, but you are too classy and chic for such poor shoes.

    Best regards for the best model and blogger

  22. Kendi, you're so quotable! "I promise like a bad ex-boyfriend who lies" You made me giggle out loud. Is there an acronym for that? Perhaps we all can join forces and start typing out GOL. 
    Love your blog! 🙂

    Lovers can find me on the Insta

  23. I'm Obsess with the blouse!!! So amazingly cute!! Hugs XOXO Fe 

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