{Top: Bloom | Skirt: coming soon! | Scarf: Gap | Shoes: Similar}

Since I usually hide behind tall walls and duck behind bushes to avoid all human contact while snapping outfit photos, I’ve always wondered how bloggers in big cities take photos. (What if someone sees you? What if they ask what you are doing? What if they visit your blog?!?! Mind explode.) Yesterday I figured our the secret: you simply do not care. Oh hello stranger man walking down the street, not paying attention to this girl snapping photos on. It’s nice to ignore you, too. Have a good day.

I spoke at the IFB conference yesterday. It went well, except for the fact that my morning face was in full force. It’s hard to tell someone how excited you are about being a business owner when your face looks like a sleeping toddler. But other than that, it was a good morning, and I got to meet some new people who didn’t care at all that I photograph my outfits on the streets. In fact they do it, too. 

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  1. Kendi,

    Why haven't you identified the bag you're carrying in the last 2 posts?  It is fantastic!

  2. bahaha I've wondered that too! Congrats on IFB, wish I could have been there! 🙂

  3. You do such a great job of ignoring people and looking natural! I am like you: I HATE people being around for any public photo. I am getting better, though. It is somehow liberating, not caring. And you look lovely in New York.

  4. What an adorable outfit!

    I think the key to getting older is caring less & less what people think of you.  It's freeing, huh? 🙂

  5. It's a gift from a friend and I don't know who it's by! No brand names or anything on the bag. I'll have to find out 🙂

  6. I'm guilty of the photographing on the streets thing as well.  No one here cares.  I've even taken really fancy ones in Times Square and no one blinked an eye!

  7. Great outfit! I remember hearing once from a celebrity that NY people normally wont even glance at you on the streets, they just tend to ignore you and keep on going. I guess in big cities watching a girl having her pictures taken is not that big of a deal. Which for public-camera shy people is great!

  8. How fun! I am glad it went well. And good for you for posing out in that open – hah!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  9. LOVE this entire outfit! That skirt is gorgeous. Hope you're having a fabulous time in NYC!

  10. I love your outfit, the skirt is very beautiful! Is it possible to watch a video/streaming of your speak at the ifb conference somewhere online? 
    And well, yes, I can totally understand what you mean, it's strange (at least for me it's strange) to take photos when other people walk by and watch (stare) at you, like you would be an alien and why on earth you would take photos (and so strange photos, as if the outfit would be photographed) on the street. I love to hide behind a house too, but sometimes it's just not possilbe. Once I took a photo right in front of the Opera in Munich, just before the representation started, well, guess how many people kept staring at me… I should also learn to ignore them 😉

    xxx Anita

  11. You look beautiful and I'm sure everyone enjoyed hearing you speak at the conference. I don't think I could stand in the middle of the street and take photos, so nice work on that too!

  12. These photos look great! Yes, it's a whole new leve of outfit photos when they're taken on the streets in cities.  Too many spectators! But you did a great job : ) 

    I wish I was there at the IFB conference! I've been reading all the tweets and it's getting me excited for next year. This time I hope to attend!

  13. This might be my favorite of all of the amazing outfits you put together!!

  14. Reading this post in a coffee shop. Sleeping toddler comment just made me snort-laugh-out-loud. awkward? yes. but totally worth it? yes. 

    hope you have an amazing time in New York!

  15. Gorgeous outfit. I absolutely love that skirt!

    Maja – clotheskinksandcurls.blogspot.ca

  16. Reading this post makes me miss NYC and just being in a city in general so much. I'm so glad to be going to NYC in October!

    You look lovely! Glad that your speech went well besides the sleeping toddler face. :Pxoxo, Laurahttp://lauraisthriftingthroughlife.blogspot.com/ 

  17. It was so great to meet you in NYC and discuss being a shop owner. You did not look like a sleeping toddler! Too funny. Such great insight and thanks again. I would LOVE to check out Bloom in person! Have a great rest of the week and hope to run into you again.

  18. Haha i hate it when there are people around while tsking pictures for my blog… So awkward, but you're right… They dont really care… Haha


  19. Love this outfit! The colors are so great! Kudos on overcoming the discomfort of streetside photoshoots! I'm still working on that one…

  20. Toddler face!  Ha! 

    Love this get-up, especially the skirt! 


  21. The only ones that get the outfit photo thing are other bloggers.  It's nice to be around people who understand :).

  22. I love a chance to perfect my "let's pretend we're both minding our own business" expression when taking pictures in "the wild."
    The blue and orange look great together!

  23. I wish I could have been there to hear it Kendi. I'm currently in the middle of writing my own business plan and could use all of the advise I can get. 

  24. Too funny! You have to ignore the people around you…it's the only way! Glad your speech went well despite the 'morning face.' You look perfectly put together here. And I'm after blue pumps for Fall thanks to you 😉


  25. These pictures are awesomee!!! You look like a total natural on the streets in NY, just being a fashion blogger. Man I would have loved to come to the conference, but I'm glad it went well! I'm sure you rocked it Kendi!

    perfectly priya

  26. I do the same thing when I'm snapping outfit pictures, just pretend no one is there. I also live in a college town so I just tell myself everyone else assumes it's a school project. Wish I could have heard you speak I'm sure you looked beautiful! 

  27. you look gorgeous and happy! I love this outfit 🙂


  28. These are such cute photos, you look fashionable and like you're having fun! Bet your speech was awesome…and have a great time the rest of your trip!
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  29. Kendi! I love this outfit. Can you please do a tutorial on scarf tying? I typically wear mine only one way, and I love this look and many of the others you have worn on your blog!

  30. Great look, Kendi! I'm glad you're having fun in NYC! I will live vicariously through you 🙂

    Also, my tactic while shooting photos is that if someone is staring at me, I stop what I'm doing and stare at them back until they get over it and walk/drive away. Works like a charm!

  31. I know what you mean! Aside from wondering if people around me think Im nuts for taking photos I'm pretty camera shy too. It's like stage fright! I havent done photos for my blog in a while because of that. Maybe I just need to get over it!

  32. I live on a busy street so when I go out to take photos there are always cars going by or people walking.  Many a good photo has been ruined by my scared expression because I think someone is looking at me!
    I love this outfit! The colors, the lace, the scarf! So cute! And you look like a natural on the streets of NY.

  33. I feel the exact same way! Even in my own neighborhood I get cars driving by slowing down to see why there's a person photographing me. hahaha.. it's kinda funny and simply learned just to ignore it. 🙂 Great outfit btw! I hope one day to attend the IFB conference. 🙂 

    xo – Sheila

    Giveaway on my blog!

  34. Great outfit, I love the color combination! Great outlook on the whole photographing in public deal, it can feel weird but you just have to do your own thing 🙂 

  35. I love the outfit, the city & the attitude 🙂 I'm sure you rocked it yesterday! Have fun! How did you do your scarf? I like it!

  36. A really gorgeous outfit! I love the pops of color and the different textures going on here. Also, just really enjoy your blog me dear 🙂 

  37. Love this outfit, love that it's in one of my favorite cities! Enjoy fashion week 🙂

  38. LOVE your blog!  this outfit is amazing and love the lace/crochet detail in that skirt.  The scarf goes perfect with it!  you are so witty and sometimes I feel like we could be the same person with our thoughts.  I think the same thing when I am blogging about wanting to run the other way when people are out and about. 

  39. Kendi, I totally feel you. I get like that all the time when I take pictures for my blog. It's kinda like you need to have a grace period of maybe 10 mins before I can be myself. And those stares? After a while, they don't seem to matter if you're around good company to distract said stares.

    Btw.. Love the combination, especially digging the color of the skirt!



  40. So cute!  I would have loved to hear you at the conference!  I am heading to NY next week and had hoped to do some outfit pictures, but I still have a hard time when in public…maybe I'll be brave 🙂


  41. Where was the SARTORIALIST!!! This blogger should be on his blog!!!!!Love the look Kendi! Kisses  from the Greece, passing the Atlantic till NY!!!!

  42. I feel the same way when I take photos, but we live in a small nosy little town so I'm sure people are asking "what the heck is she doing?"

  43. How did you tie your scarf?  I love it!  Well, I love the entire outfit too, but I wish I knew how you tied the scarf. 

  44. Hi Kendi!!! I loved hearing you speak about your experience with bloom, I was the dork on the front row in the red jacket that asked you about bloom!!!!!!! Thank you for being awesome!
    Brooke @ what2wear, Monikabrooke.blogspot.com

  45. I love your blog!  You always look fantastic.  I too would love to see how you tied your scarf.  Also, where is your cute gold bracelet from?  I'm looking for a simple one like it.

  46. haha! so refreshing to hear another blogger talk about the awkwardness that ensues with public photography. the best blogs are those that make everything seem effortless. "oh, I just arose looking this wonderful, and here I am enjoying a coffee with my guy and I happen to look gorgeous. and it happens to be photographed beautifully." when I hand a stranger my camera, it's always out of focus. the boyfriend is learning though…

    regardless, your style and beauty is effortless! love this outfit! cheers from san francisco! xoxo – molly

  47. This outfit is adorable! Love your shoes and skirt!
    xo, Peyton & Madisonhttp://identicalideals.blogspot.com/ 

  48. This outfit looks amazing. Red and blue always look good together, but, well, these are the perfect shades too. 

    If that makes sense. 

    Glad to hear the speaking went well; I'm rather envious of all the people who got to be there. Sounds like all the speakers were very inspiring! 


  49. everyone ignores everyone here in nyc (or at least I do…not intentionally…)! i've heard that's why celebrities love the city. but if you need help with directions, new yorkers always pull thru with a smile. 

  50. This is New York. No one is going to look twice at something like this. We only raise eyebrows if someone starts waving a gun around.

    I, however, am looking twice at that bag. Need!

  51. I love this outfit…esp the lace detail on your skirt.  I am impressed that you were able to catch pictures without people in your background in NYC!

  52. It's funny because with the amount of characters in LA, you'd think people wouldn't think I'm weird, but they still stare when I'm out taking photos.  Ah, the challenging life of a blogger!  Who makes your watch, by the way?

  53. I love your bag 🙂 the colors you used are so cute together


  54. Hi Kendi, this is Spain calling…
    Hey, hey, hey…hot child in the city…
    I like that outfit, klein+orange…I woulda have never imagined…I've got a pair of klein pants and a nice soft orange shirt…maybe I should try them together…Ok, I'll give them the opportunity of becoming friends for ever.

    Have I nice weekend everybody!

  55. love that skirt kendi!  & glad you are having a good time in nyc 🙂

    xo julesinflats.com

  56. Love the skirt. Can you show some techniques of how to wear scarfs in different ways in your upcoming posts?


  57. Hi Kendi! Loved this post and just about died laughing! I know how you feel! I'm in NYC, and every time I take outfit photos I pray that no one will see me. Never seems to work out that way! You look fantastic! Hope you enjoyed your visit!

    Meredith & Gwyneth

  58. When I was leaving IFBCON, I saw the picture taking near my hotel.  I realized I was staring and gave a curt "nice shoes" with a smile and kept on walking.  It was adorbs.

  59. That skirt is magic! Actually the whole look is 🙂 I'm glad to hear most bloggers experience the same awkwardness of snapping photos in front of strangers.  


  60. (: So lucky that you're in NY. I really want to visit one day! I love the skirt and color combination of this outfit! Very nice.


  61. I love the new blog layout, Kendi! The new logo is super. Who does your designing for you – your blog designing and logo? a-d-or-able.

  62. Look at you, city girl! I hope you and B had a great time in New York. Out of all your Instagrams, I liked the cheeseburger one the best. :o)

  63. I love the color combo!  Glad to hear your speech went good. 
    I've always wondered about taking pictures for style blogs too.  (^_^)

  64. Would love to know some more info about your bag! Love your blog – I'm a subscriber and always look forward to your posts! 🙂

  65. cute outfit, i love the colours together!

    i'm completely the same, i try & make any "outfit" photos look like i'm a tourist just posing for a photo. When i do the "blogger looking down" pose it's not so convincing..

    your hair's looking awesome btw! does it just grow the same rate as Olivia's?? You're so on trend!! 😉

    Katie x

  66. I love these colors together! I don't live in a big city but still, my heart just about stops if someone walks by while snapping outfit photos. So weird, we're not committing a crime or anything! Haha, I need to get over it too!

  67. When I lived in NYC, I used to take outfit posts for my blogger friend.  We had a blast! The things people say to you (or don't say) make the entire experience so much fun!

  68. i thought the very same thing! i was in ny for the week (although i am in no way claiming to be a fashion blogger, i do take a few pictures for random outfit posts) and thought about taking some pictures for the blog but felt too weird about it.

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