Another Day, Another Blazer

posted on: 3/19/2012

{Blazer: Similar | Tank: Gap | Jeans: Similar | Heels: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Vanessa Mooney}

I honestly don't know when I wore this outfit. It was a week or two ago on a Friday or Saturday... maybe. Who knows? Although I'm fairly certain that I did wear it. I have photographic evidence. 

Yes, this is another blazer to add to my collection. If you learn one thing from this blog, it's to go find a  nice, fitted blazer. Easiest investment ever. In fact I'm wearing one right now. Will you see this outfit? Who knows, it could be days, weeks, years....

(PS -- I bought this one at Anthropologie but if you are into thrifting, and I think you are, I always see a ton of red blazers around. Do you see what I'm doing here? I'm trying to get you to buy more blazers to make me feel better about my obsession.)


  1. My friend wore a red blazer a few weeks ago! They look so chic! I really want one, but it is getting pretty warm where I live and my money is better spent on shorts.

  2. So cute! Your color combos are so fresh, but not like WHOA CRAZY CUPCAKE. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Kendi, where do you buy your bras? Mine always show at the top of my boob, which is..... Not the look I'm going for.

  3. we've been looking for the perfect red blazer forever now and we love this one!!

    xoxo lindsay and stuart

  4. I need blazers in my life! I love how you put colors together!

  5. You smile brightest when you wear those coral Urban Outfitter shoes. I suspect the shoes have magical Dorothy powers!