3.14.12d{Blazer: Similar | Tank: Gap | Jeans: Similar | Heels: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Vanessa Mooney}
I honestly don’t know when I wore this outfit. It was a week or two ago on a Friday or Saturday… maybe. Who knows? Although I’m fairly certain that I did wear it. I have photographic evidence. 
Yes, this is another blazer to add to my collection. If you learn one thing from this blog, it’s to go find a  nice, fitted blazer. Easiest investment ever. In fact I’m wearing one right now. Will you see this outfit? Who knows, it could be days, weeks, years….
***(PS — I bought this one at Anthropologie but if you are into thrifting, and I think you are, I always see a ton of red blazers around. Do you see what I’m doing here? I’m trying to get you to buy more blazers to make me feel better about my obsession.)

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  1. Kendi, everybody – well at least of the style bloggers I follow – are writing about your presentation at the style council a few days ago. Is there any way or any plan to post your presentation on the blog? Anywhere online?  You spoke about having a bigger message than just “look at me and cute clothes” which I completely agree with. And I’d love the to read/hear how you articulated it. 🙂


  2. Girl I am so with you! I have too many blazers and most I got at consignment/thrift stores. Best.shopping.ever. Who knew that old ladies had such style 30 years ago? 

  3. im always seeing a ton of red blazers when thrifting as well.  im really loving that purse and of course those heels are my favorite!  great look!

  4. LOVING the colours in this outfit! And nothing wrong with another blazer…at least you wear what is in your collection!

    PS Just checked out the link to the blazer…which I love…but did you notice the last photo? Bum cheeks peeking out below the shorts AND the blazer? Yikes.

  5. What a cute blazer! And I love that it matches your lipstick! I need to add some blazers to my wardrobe.


  6. Kendi.

    I’m in love with the bright colors. And the blazer. Especially the blazer. I need to go forth and find some of my own–the ones I used to own no longer fit and the one I have that has safety pins on it isn’t good for all occasions…

    Did I mention I love this?

  7. I also have a blazer obsession that I post about regularly.  They just make every outfit better, I want to get an oversized one.

  8. I need a red blazer so bad, I haven’t had much luck finding one. I love the mix of color combo you have here!! 

  9. Lesson learned: totally want a blazer. And somehow it’s okay that you’re using me to make yourself feel better : ) Want those gray pants too!



  10. I like blazers too I need to get a colored one!


  11. I also have a weakness for blazers. T-shirt and jeans not dressy enough for the office? Add a blazer! Want to wear that sundress yet it’s not quite sunny? Add a blazer!

    Blazers can do no wrong.

  12. you are SO cute! 🙂 you remind me of Rose, from Two and a half man, a little.. 🙂


  13. I love the color combo!
    I totally feel the blazer love!!
    They are so easy to just throw on and look good!!


  14. What I like most about your blog is that you’re so real! No “this handbag is only trillions of $ but I need to have it”. Oh, and there are some really nice outfits too 😉


  15. Yes, indeed, the color combination is great! As always, I’d never have dared to combine these colors, but it looks absolutely great on you!
    I’m also a big fan of blazer, but well, unfortunately my blazer collection seems to be not as big and not as colorful as yours! 
    I think blazer are a wonderful addition to nearly everything, also if I had to wear a coat over it today because it was not warm enough 😉

    xxx Anita

  16. You certainly are the master of colour, Kendi. And if only I could find I nice fitted blazer whilst thrifting … still on the lookout!
    Kel xo

  17. I’m coveting blazers in every shade myself lately – I love the red/pinkish one you have on!  I second the idea of thrifting for them though – I found a fantastic cobalt blazer (sleeves were too short, but nothing I can’t remedy with a nonchalant rolled up sleeve) for $6 – one of my best finds ever for sure!

  18. Love the blazer and I have to admit that this is the second time I thought for a moment that you were wearing a gold wallet chain.  Wishful 90’s thug thinking…

  19. it’s good to have little innocent obsessions. mine are scarves and i believe if i put them all together, they could easily circle the worlds once or twice.  i do love the bold red color and the shape of the blazer!

  20. I love the fuchsia and red together. How lovely!


  21. I love blazers, but sometimes find them constricting. They don’t move as much through the shoulders as I’d like, and I’m not a broad shouldered girl or anything. I did recently pick up an awesome striped blazer at Banana Republic that almost feels like it could be a sweatshirt, though it doesn’t look anything like it. It’s so comfortable and it moves with me.

  22. Because of your blog I feel like my style has finally been transitioning into something more mature and tasteful. I’ve gotten so much inspiration from outfits to go out and actually buy trousers and buy blazers and work them into not only work wear but to pair them casually for school or other.

    So thank you and I always love to see your posts! Always great photos with something fun to read!

    alissa b

  23. I have got to get more blazers. I only have two and none in color, although my cream with black detail blazer is kind of awesome! I also really want to try the whole wearing lots of pieces in the same color family thing. I haven’t stepped there, yet! This looks awesome. 🙂

  24. I’ve been wanting to get those shoes from UO but I can’t decide what size to get. I’m between a 7.5-8. Would you say yours were true to size or no?


  25. I am in love with your signature red heels. I love the heels themselves, but even more so I think I love that you have a pair of heels that have lived on your blog for so many years. SO here is my question. Are they the same red heels every time or have you had to invest in a few pairs from ruining the suede? Also, do you have any advice for keeping suede looking nice?

  26. Blazer obsessions are totally justified. What else can you wear to both a party and a job interview? Hopefully not at the same time… Love this outfit to bits and bits! So much bring happy goodness.

    You and Robin on How I Met Your Mother (that statement makes me realize how weird I actually am) have officially inspired to cut my hair tomorrow. Shoulder length, baby. I couldn’t be more excited. Or terrified.

  27. My friend wore a red blazer a few weeks ago! They look so chic! I really want one, but it is getting pretty warm where I live and my money is better spent on shorts.

  28. Love the bright pops of color!!! Very cute outfit!! (:


  29. lol Don’t worry I’m on the blazer train too. I think I’ll wear one tomorrow as a matter of fact! You look amazing as always. I do need more red in my closet, though. And I love that necklace and I’m not a big jewelry fan. I feel it weighs me down, but that looks as if it’s lightweight but adds style to your outfit. 

  30. So cute! Your color combos are so fresh, but not like WHOA CRAZY CUPCAKE. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Kendi, where do you buy your bras? Mine always show at the top of my boob, which is….. Not the look I'm going for.

  31. I love blazers!! The red is fabulous.  So fun and yet so professional.  I love your style.


  32. Love the blazer!! I love the pink and red combination. Great clutch, too.

  33. I have a hierarchy of favourite items…Number 1=Blazers (2=dresses, 3=shoes, naturally) and well formed jackets…and I love this jacket you are wearing! It reminds me to add more colour!

  34. Great casual outfit! It’s so simple to dress in jeans and still look pulled together. This is a great example. Something I try to teach all my clients! Great way to wear the spring trends!

  35. Hooray for purple and red again…just really loving that combo!

    <3 Cambria

    1. Do you remember if you bought the tank in Mulberry or Frosted Berry?  Both look a bit similar in color.  Thanks Kendi!

      1. Sorry for so many questions…. do you happen to know the name of the Anthropologie blazer?  Once I know I’ll try Ebay.  Thanks again!  Really trying to copy this outfit!

  36. trust you to be able to pull off red and pink together. I would look ridiculous in this and yet you look amazing. as aways. not fair 😉

  37. I scored 2 red blazers at salvation army thrift!!! One bright red one or 3.99 and a darker red from Ann Taylor for 2.25!!!!!!!! Oh and a light pink one too!!! In heaven!!!!

  38. i think my favorite part of this whole outfit (aside from the fabulous blazer, duh) is the little pop of turquoise against the pink shirt. such a cute little detail!

  39. I love the colors here! Very cheery. And don’t worry — I share your blazer obsession.


  40. LOVING the bright, analogous colors paired with the tiny turquoise necklace and neutral jeans.

  41. i love buying blazers too. i hope this helps you feel better with your obsession 🙂

  42. Here’s the thing, Ms. Everyday.  I have a minor (read: out of control major) blazer obsession myself.  If you encourage me to buy more in effort to make yourself feel better, I may do just that.  But then, somewhere in the back of my head I’ll remember that strategy, and when I’m feeling bad about my unreasonable consumption, I may guilt trip others, who will then in turn buy more blazers, and then guilt trip MORE people.  Do you see the butterfly effect here?  Before long, the world will suffer from total blazer insanity.
    QUICK, let’s buy stock in Blazers-R-Us!

    PS: Love this outfit. You’re a master (err, mistress?) at the red and pink mixing.

  43. I love your outfit! 🙂

    How do you curl your hair? I have short hair with lots of layers, and can never get the curls right. Your hair looks adorable!

    Same goes with the sock bun. How do you get it to work with short layered hair? 🙂

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