Saturday Nights and Sock Buns

2.25.12d[Blazer: Similar | Tank: Similar | Jeans: (Similar) | Shoes: Payless (similar) Clutch: Melie Bianco ]
Our date nights rarely consist of us actually going anywhere that warrants me dressing up or wearing heels. Does this stop me? Never. But the good news about running down the street for pizza is that a tank top is perfectly acceptable on a Saturday night. I tend to think that wearing heels trumps any casual piece you are wearing; it tends to balances out the casual. Unless it’s pajama jeans, of course, and then all bets are off. 
It’s hard to get over the fact that I’m wearing a sock on my head. Via the loving Pinterest, I learned how to put a sock on my head, wrap my hair around it and fool you into thinking my hair is full enough to make this pretty little bun. It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to do a blogger bun; it feels good to be back. Even if it involves foot gear and deception.

  • Mrs. Baker

    i love this outfit! the blazer and necklace are beautiful!

  • Laura

    I am loving your coat!! OOO, I really need to try the sock bun. I heard that sock curls work pretty well too and is much more comfortable to sleep in!


  • jocee

    i love the sock bun! i do it all the time. 

  • jugglingchic

    The bun looks fantastic!

  • Rachel Emma

    You look great with your hair up! I saw the sock-bun technique, but I have yet to try it! I need to get on that… I’m also lovin’ that blazer! You must have one in every color!


  • Thrifted Shift

    I tried to sock bun but decided my hair was too short, but maybe I’ll try it again soon! 

  • Houseofavandan

    Cute outfit, love the blazer.

    Jewelry tutorials.

  • Emily Rose

    love the sock bun!

  • katiekubler

    random question and I hope you have time to respond. What size and resolution do you make your pictures for you blog. My images are always looking blurry. I edit in Lightroom and Photoshop. When I load them on blogger they look really pixely. I know this is so random but your images always look so good.

    my email: katie.kubler at yahoo dot com

    or you can just comment back on my blog

    • Kendi Lea

      Hi Kate — I size my photos to 500×750 at 250 dpi. But the key is, my friend, to load them into flickr (or any other third party image keeper) then I copy them over to my post. I rarely use the image uploader on blogger because it downsizes your photos and yes, makes them look pixely. Hope this helps! — k

  • Amanda

    Love this look! I haven’t had a sock bun since my ballerina days, but the look is such a classic one.

  • Casey

    What a cool blazer! Love that it’s sheer… also love the jeans/ everything (per usual). 



    in the Poodle Shoes

  • tashia graham

    I love your hair up, and that blazer!

  • Jo – Lost in the Haze

    Ohh, the lace blazer is truly a dream! and I love love love your sock bun!
    xLost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  • Cecilia Oviedo

    Love the contrast between the pastel colors and black! Oh and sock buns rock!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  • Eileen Wong

    I haven’t had to do the sock bun yet. Haha. <3

  • Lizzie

    Pretty! I love the blazer and the pretty necklace :) Also, nice sock bun ya got there….it looks great!


  • Gaby Dolceamore

    clean sock? i need to find this pin. fine-haired girls unite!


  • Samira

    I love your jacket!!!

  • Sweet Laundry

    I’m quite the advocate for the sock bun. I like to switch between various sizes of socks. Smaller socks create a more casual bun whereas larger socks create a more glam bun. That’s the science of the sock bun. I love it too much :)

  • Courtney

    I looooove your necklace.  Could you share who it is by? Thanks!

  • Lindsey

    I have a lacy blazer and I’ve been wondering how to wear it…I might have to try this! 

    XOXO, Lindsey

  • Tinacious Me
  • Haley Withers

    love the bun, one of my favourite ways to do my hair. 

  • Myrna

    That lacey blazer is lovely! Such a great date night outfit. Love it.


  • Yorkie

    You are such a doll. I realize that buns are all the rage. I find this look a bit severe.

  • Kendra

    What a beautiful blazer! The pattern makes it so special! I need to try this sock bun trick :)


  • Kayla

    I loooove your sock bun!! I’m gunna have to wear one this week for sure!!!!

  • Alice Gu

    one of my fav outfits ever!!!  i love how the top bun ties the whole outfit together!

  • Emily

    I adore your lace blazer! It looks fabulous with the clutch!

  • Kori

    Love the lace blazer! Seems like an item that would become a closet staple.

  • AlissaBurton

    A sock? Never would have guessed…now I’ll be scanning pinterest for this how-to

    alissa b

  • Jessica

    Love the detail on the blazer, so delicate.

  • Mai

    adorable! i definitely need to try the sock bun when my hair is long enough!

  • Sarah

    Love this outfit, so perfect for date night! And you look great with the bun (sock and all). 😉

  • Shambhobi Bhattacharya

    Sock in your head? Well thanks to that sock you sure have an amazing bun made! Love how cheerful you look :)

  • Amy

    I actually tried the sock bun tonight (for curling purposes)… turns out it doesn’t work for girls with long, thick semi-curly hair with layers. Unless it was just me. I will have to try again another time!

  • Elle

    Looks great! I know, when my hair was shorter, I was super depressed that I couldn’t put it up in cute buns! Those days are over though, thanks to Pinterest :) Love your blazer, btw. This is the perfect date night ensemble. Even if you’re only eating pizza!

  • SomeLikeItSimple

    Adorable! Cute necklace <3 Sarah

  • Shermineh

    I’ve totally done the sock bun too after seeing it on Pinterest! I spend so long on there…

    I love the outfit, it’s the perfect balance of casual and dressed up.


  • TheresaTran

    Ahhh I love this outfit so so much!!! (: I love the blazer and heels!! The whole entire outfit is super cute. ^__^ And that sock bun is pretty neat!! I never heard of doing that; really cool. The bun looks really nice~ 


  • cro

    I love that blazer! Looks great with the hair up like this, makes me want to try the sock bun hairdo..!

  • sandy a la mode

    LOVE your blazer and your clutch!!!

  • Britt

    The jacket is a great way to fancy up jeans and a tank! Love the print and color :)


  • AndreaClare

    I love the sock bun trick! Adds to much oomph to a bun!

  • mollybkidd

    I love the sock bun! I wore one today. It does feel a little strange wearing a sock on your head… but hey, it does make for a cute bun! Praise the Lord for pinterest :]

    xo. molly

  • Genie

    The bun does this outfit justice! I love how the pattern on your blazer is a leaf one instead of the typical flowers. 


  • Styleclouds

    Love the look! Very chic! xo, Christina


  • Thelifeafter

    I like the outfit a lot and also the hair style. You look amazing!!

    The Life After

  • Anay Adorno

    That blazer is true love! I used to do the sock bun in high school. It’s been a while lol

  • Hilari

    Black, white, gray, and a pop of pink… love it!

  • Annie

    I love that blazer! Cute bun too, I’ve been meaning to try out the ‘sock bun’ – it works wonders!

  • Girlie Blogger

    Pretty jacket. Awww. Date nights. How romantic.
    Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog – Girlie Blog Seattle

  • Gwyneth Genevieve

    Love this outfit; it’s so versatile! It works for something casual, and something a little nicer. And yay for rockin’ the sock bun trend! 

  • girlnextdoorfashion

    I love that blazer and the tank top looks lovely with it!
    Do you by any chance have the link to the sock bun? I searched all through your pinterest until I felt like a stalker and I couldn’t find it. I’d really appreciate it- thanks!

    Charlotte x

  • Elise

    Your bun looks great! Heels always seem appropriate in my mind, even to the grocery store. Might as well…

    • Legally Blonde

      I just started following your blog and I love it! The bun looks great and I almost bought a cardigan similar to your blazer! It's super cute!

  • Lara S

    I LOVE your blazer and your bun is just adorable.. No one would ever know there’s a sock in there.

  • Mica

    Wow I would never have guessed there was a sock in your bun! It looks great, and so does your outfit :)

  • Rebecca Lately

    I read that as ‘all belts are off’ and thought you were doing a play on words.

    Looove that blazer, by the way.

  • Kultur und Stil

    Wonderful outfit! I think we really don't need a special occasion to wear heels, if they are (rather) confortable, they are good for every day!

    xxx Anita

    and p.s. the bun looks great!

  • Kimberly

    Kind of dying over that jacket – it is SO cute!  I have yet to try the sock bun and feel like I am the only blogger left who hasn’t done a post wearing one :(

  • Keesha

    I was a 15 year old queen of the sock bun lol. Its great! I like your hair up. It shows how beautiful your face is :) Have a lovely day!

  • manda

    how have I never heard of a sock bun???? must google asap :)
    love the blazer. love.

  • Nikell

    Lol I agree with Keesha. I wore a lot of sock buns in HS too. I haven’t worn one in a while. I’ll have to find and old sock and try this style once more. For old time sake (^_^)

  • Andrea

    I absolutely love your outfit! The stone pendant is so cute. Where did you get the necklace? I have a few similar to the one you are wearing, but in different colors.


  • Jenn

    Gorgeous date night outfit! I need some gray pants now : ) Also need to try the sock bun – I do think it’s an interesting theory, but it sure comes out great in practice!


  • Julie

    But where is that NECKLACE from? gorge. 

  • Jessica Tingle

    Oh my gosh! I seriously needed you to post this! I have seen that sock bun tutorial but always on girl’s with longer hair and I was a little skeptical if it would work with my length! My hair is probably close to the length of yours so I will definitely have to give this a try now! Thanks Kendi!

  • Kaylamarieott

    I think this is my favorite outfit yet! I am just dying for my hair to grow out so that I can start rocking the sock bun again!

  • Nicole Marie
  • Sara Smith

    The sock bun is my best friend! Deception by sock is awesome!

  • Nicole Gomez

    Love the sock bun. I think Kimmy K. would be proud.

  • Jessica Fiorini

    This outfit is too adorable! I have a question: where is the triangle necklace from? I love it!

  • Maame Forson

    Love your sock bun it really balances out the outfit giving it a clean cut look! 

  • FabEllis

    Very cute outfit!  I love the blazer.

  • Always Maylee

    I love that blazer and the bun… so pretty!  You look beautiful, so perfect for a date night! :)

  • Alyssa

    Love the lace blazer :)

  • Marra Mazzella

    This is a cute outfit! Definitely a Go-To for any lady for date nights and weekend plans!

  • attempting things

    You should really wear your hair up more often. I’m going to have to search for this sock bun on Pinterest!

  • Aliya

    Your blazer is so so pretty! You hair is looking as lovely as ever!

    x Aliya

  • Wear Abouts
  • Sarah

    The sock bun is amazing! I have super fine hair and the sock bun makes it seem like I’ve got this huge pile of gorgeous hair on my head. I always feel super chic when channeling my inner ballerina. 

  • Angela Nicolosi

    I strive to be as adorable as you. One day…one day I’ll get it…

  • Jen C

    Nice job on the sock bun!  Love that blazer too..fabulous!

  • Jessica @ Here&Now

    girl, i am in love with the sock bun these days! it looks great, i won’t spill your socky secret :)

  • serena chousse

    i love the sock bun. you can make big beautiful curls with it too!. this youtube video shows you how. she also does the sock bun secret so there is no extra hair that you have to wrap around. its my fav go to hairstyle and in the morning after you wear the bun to bed your curls look like you spent hours doing it.

  • Blues and Shoes

    I love your necklace! The whole look is really gorgeous.

  • Laci Henning

    It’s a bun day! Check mine out, too!


  • Jupe_Cambria

    How clever!  Love the bun on you…and the pretty white lace overlay.

    <3 Cambria

  • Erin Haberman

    You look lovely!  I love that lace blazer!


  • Nicole Brittingham

    you are absolutely beautiful. Love the outfit.

  • Fashionisable
  • joiedeviv

    Love love love this look Kendi!  

    xx Vivian @

    P.S.  H&M now has mesh “sock bun” things so you can get the same look without having to wear one of your husband’s [in my case] tube socks on your head!

  • Ashley

    I do love a sock bun…big trend with the ballerinas!

  • Grace Huang

    girl, your pink blazer is WAYYYYY TOO CUTE~


  • Keren / The Walkup

    I love the oversized clutch that almost looks like an envelope! Is that necklace Agate? They make my favorite coasters!

  • Zlittle Saving With Style

    oooh you are so cute. love the outfit Kendy. you are always chic

  • Hsboschke30

    That blazer is stunning!

  • Rebecca Hansen

    That’s it, I need to try the sock bun. That looks fantastic! Also, totally agree with the heel thing. Makes almost anything seem dressed up.

    Rebecca (hearts)…

  • cori

    i love that blazer!! 


    I’m so going to try this sock bun thing

  • C Marcia (Sequins)

    Ahh that blazer is amazing. Also, I had to show this post to my blogging-companion, Stripes, since your bun is most definitely the perfect height–not so tall that it screams blogger-didn’t-shower, but it’s tall enough to be flattering. Even if it does involve a sock 😉 Welcome to the addiction of Pinterest!

  • Please may I?

    No one would ever guess, which ix obviously a good thing! It looks fab. Isn't it amazing how a pair of heels instantly make you feel dressed up.

    X x

  • Natasha Fatah

    I’ve done the sock bun, and it’s so great. The hair stays in place, and a good use for all those individual socks that lose their partners somewhere along the way. 😉


  • Anna Rose

    The bun looks great : )

    xx Anna Rose

  • SarahNavares

    I love the sock bun! You’re adorbs!!

  • New Petite

    I love sock buns! you are awesome!

  • Shannon Heart’s

    I love that lace blazer!!!

  • Seekaylago

    I love your necklace! It makes such a statement without being gaudy.
    kayla @

  • TAKippy

    I saw a coworker of mine wear a sock bun and it blew my mind.  I’m able to do a blogger bun, I just require LOTS of bobbypins since my hair is short (about your length).  I haven’t tried the sock bun myself since that requires clean socks.  If only I had clean socks…

  • Chelsea Howard

    That blazer is gorgeous, really brings it all together.

    Now following your blog :)Chelsea Liberty x

  • Rebecca Hammond

    I use the sock bun to curl my hair. You put it in slightly damp hair, sleep on it, and you have perfect curls the next day. But I’ve never worn the sock bun out in public. I’m always afraid people will see the sock!

  • Amy

    My manger was just talking about the sock bun the other day. 

  • Sam

    The blazer is amazingggggggg!

  • Alex Byer

    Sock buns have seriously saved my hair. Thin hair doesn’t work out well in buns. But secret socks make it hella awesome.

  • Lauren B

    There is also a hair doughnut that works the same way as a sock but its made for your hair!  I love the look of this bun, so easy.

  • TheChicTeach

    Someone asked me if I was wearing a sock bun the other day, and I was just so confused and caught off guard I said, “Yes!  I totally am!”.  And now I realize I was lying, because it wasn’t a sock bun.  Just a plain old, boring bun.

  • Joanne Almonte Mason

    Love the necklace, where is it from?

  • Kholechek

    loving the bun!

  • Rachel

    Adorable outfit as usual!!
    Love the clutch and the necklace!! 
    Overall great!
    check out my blog and follow me!

  • Style This World

    Love your jacket!!!


  • Allison Miller

    the blush toned purse! i love!

  • Meg

    I love sock buns.


  • Hannahstiff86

    GO SOCK BUNS! Who knew socks could add a dash of elegance? Love the BCBG blazer, xo.

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  • Mz Savvy Style

    Cute look! I too have tried the Pinterest sock bun but mine didn't look as good as yours! I guess I should try again! :)

  • Philippa

    Omg that blazer is gorgeous, I’ve never come across anything like it before! I love how the nude/pick shades really compliment the whole outfit and tie it together.


  • Anna Hart

    Wow that jacket is really lovely, very unusual xx

    South Molton St Style

  • Jjanga

    I love this outfit! It’s so simple and chic!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • Rachel May

    oooh-super cute blazer!  Thanks for linking to similar items! 

  • Courtney

    love the necklace, jeans, and watch. very chic with the bun :)


    omGOSH!  we are OBSESSED with sock buns!  Lovin the look!  We miss you, hope all is well, need to catch up soon!  xo

  • fatima

    Your blazer is so perfect! 

  • Célèste

    Hahaha! I too have been wearing a sock bun lately. It’s so great! You can see it here if you want:

    I totally don’t want to admit it to people, but now you know 😉 We might as well spread the word!

    P.S. For my senior prom, my mom padded out my twist with socks to give me this unbelievable up-do (seen here: ) that ended up winning “Best Hair.” I told my friends how my mom had done it, and they could not stop laughing at me all night. 

  • The Stylistbook

    Nice combination. I love your blog!

    I recommend my blog: The Stylistbook | Street Fashion Blog

  • Rocks Paper Metal
  • Hungrytiger11

    I feel that way about the sock-on-the-head thing too… but this post also reminds me that I want to try that hairstyle again, so…!

  • Amielle

    That blazer is just lovely! Delicate and spring like. :)

  • workitChristine

    foot gear on your head and deception are acceptable especially when the result is a blogger bun! I’ve been seeing these lacey blazer/jacket things around and I liked the concept. Now that I see it executed I’m sold! 

    PS. Heels do trump all.

  • Lauren Pfohl

    I feel the exact same way about dressing up. I am a college athlete, so I live in sweats. It is so nice to dress up sometimes, just to feel special. I can also appreciate doing something new with your hair. I just recently donated 10 inches of my hair to lock of love, but before I was always experimenting with different hairstyles. Something fun to try might be the popular waterfall braid (found on Pinterest, as well!). Best of luck!

    Tulane University

  • Whitney Sherrell

    Love that blazer!  Beautiful piece to have.


  • Fabgc

    I’m in love with the blazer 

  • Seekingstyleblog

    That’s such a pretty blazer!

    xo jennifer

  • Meanz Chan

    I am absolutely in love with that lace blazer!

  • Maux

    kendi- it’s Maux from last night (Maureen and Margot!) – was just catching up on your blog before the big keynote address today and have to share this with you.  so much better than a sock and its brown so it never shows through for us brunettes. i was wearing one last night!

  • best Long Island podiatrist

    It looks good though. At least you came up with a creative way to match it.

  • naot shoes online

    The whole look is just fab. It matches through.