Polka Stripes

posted on: 7/20/2011

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It's usually a bit overwhelming to go back to my whole closet after I've limited myself to 30 pieces. The first thing I did was hug my shoes. I held each and every pair for 10 minutes and told them how much I missed them. No favorites here, I'm a good mother like that. All shoes are equal in this family.

Like a kid in a candy store, I went straight for one of my favorite dresses and a top I've had for a while, but haven't worn on the blog. Although I pinned up one of the layers, it normally doesn't quite cover my stomach, which I typically prefer in shirts. But I slipped it over this dress and it worked perfectly. I feel very Chuck from Pushing Daisies. I'm pretty sure that's her name -- I'll be honest, I only watched that show for the outfits. Other shows I only watch just for the outfits? Judge Judy and Swamp People. 


  1. Haha! Swamp people! I love this outfit. Do you have any yellow or red shoes? I feel like that would really make the outfit pop!


  2. I love the stripes and dots together!!

  3. This does look very Chuck! Loved that show and I love this outfit!!!

  4. This is such a cute look! Love the colorful belt and nude shoe.

  5. Love. This. Outfit. Wait?! That's a dress? I am confused as to the engineering of this outfit! Did you roll up the shirt? Did you pin it, belt it, enchant it with magic? Either way, it's great.

  6. Love the mix of polka dots and stripes! You look great as always!


  7. Awww polka dots my fav! Oh and I really like that skirt!! Great look!