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My friend Jentine is hosting a special Everybody, Everywear this week on thrifted items. Which is perfect timing since my dress and my necklace are both thrifted items. And since I’m going to use the word ‘thrift’ about 30 times during this post, I’ll go ahead and give a definition:
thrift (v.): buying second-hand, or previously loved items from a thrift or second-hand store or perhaps a garage sale. Also, I completely made this definition up. Who knows if it’s right?
I asked Jentine if I could wear something I got from Gap that was ridiculously cheap. She said only if I donated it to Goodwill, then went in a purchased it again. After much thought and debate, I decide that was too much effort. So instead I went for this dress. Technically this wouldn’t have been anything I would have ever picked up in a retail store. But in a thrift store, all my inhibitions are out the door. Plus I saw Rachel Zoe wear a maxi with sleeves so I was automatically drawn to this dress when I saw it. But there were a few issues. For starters, this dress is about 5x too big for me. Another issue was that it’s completely sheer. Then there is a pretty big hole in the seam of the arm on one sleeve. And lastly it was marked at $12, which in Thriftland is quite pricey, especially for a non-designer item. So I went through my mental checklist: can I belt this dress to make it fit? Yes. Do I have a slip that will work as a dress underneath to cover my ladyparts? Yes. Is the hole in the arm fixable? Yes. And then… I sniffed it. It passed the sniff test — the most important test of all. 
Then, as if I wasn’t already convinced to purchase, I saw a sign from above: All women’s clothing 50% off. $6? Done deal. Now all I need is a baby with sunnies to be just like Rachel — which are super hard to come by in thrift stores, by the way.

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