As you’ve picked up on this week’s content, we were at the beach last week in Florida. And boy do I have the swimsuits to prove it. I took selfies or quick snaps of all of my swimsuits that I wore last week and wanted to share my favorites + a quick review of each here! Presented in no particular order below!

J.Crew V-Neck Swimsuit

I will say that this swimsuit got the most…looks. I get it, it’s the swimsuit that shares the most skin I’m willing to share. If you are a busty gal and you’re proud of it — this is key — then this is the suit for you. The v-neck is so flattering and the midsection of the suit has ruching so it’s so nice and comfortable. I felt comfortable all day in this one! I am in the 10, regular length, fit is perfect.

Shop the swimsuit here.

These beach pants are some of my favorites, see how I wore them as regular pants here! However, they were perfect on the beach as well! They got a little warm in the afternoon, but as a coverup they were super comfy. I am in the large, they run generously. Find them here.


TA3 Plungey Swimsuit

I didn’t get this TA3 suit shot outside of the pants but it fits a lot like the J.Crew one above! This is the swimsuit that you can cinch in your waist and it actually really works! It’s actually comfortable and you can adjust it to how ‘snatched’ you want your waist. I wear the large and it fits me perfectly! I do find it to be worth the hype, if you like a more hourglass figure in a swimsuit! As far as bust support, the whole suit kind of cinches up and your boobs follow suit, as it gets pretty tight.

Shop the suit here.

J.Crew Square Neck Swimsuit

J.Crew will forever be my go-to for swimsuits because I just know they’ll fit. Especially the one pieces, they always fit and they are always comfortable. I say comfortable in an emotional sense more than a physical, yes it is comfortable to wear. But I also feel good and not self conscious in their one-pieces. There is just the right amount of hold and compression and the back coverage is there. I am in the 10, regular length, fit is TTS!

Shop it here in lots of colors!

Do you remember this coverup? It was from J.Crew a few years ago  so it’s no longer in stock but I found the MOST similar one from Loft and it’s 40% off! You can find it here, it’s literally identical! I would personally order a large in the LOFT one.

Also I had last-minute picked up this beach tote from Target and it was lovely! The sand just shook right out of it, you could pack it in your suitcase (it easily rolls up!) and it could fit 3+ towels and all of our beach stuff! Highly recommend for $25. 


La Blanca Island Goddess Swimsuit

I may have saved my favorite for last — I absolutely love this swimsuit. In fact, I have it in the white and the black (highly recommend the black! White is tough with a swimsuit as I’ve come to learn. I still like it but the more I wear / wash it, the duller it becomes.) I call this my Mom Suit because it just hits all the checkboxes for me: chest support, booty coverage, slight tummy compression, comfortable! I wear the 10 and it fits perfectly with an adjustable strap for length.

Find it under $100 here!

Okay this one is hands down my favorite cover up. I found myself wanting to keep wearing this tunic everyday at the beach. It runs a bit oversized, I am in the large but for the length I prefer this size. The bodice is looser, but the length is a bit shorter. This is a lightweight linen, so it’s slightly sheer but it’s a nice quality. It washed out well, too! (I did not dry it because I didn’t want to risk any shrinkage.) I personally think I could wear this as a top too. ‘Who’s gonna know? No one’s gonna know.’ 😉

Shop the cover-up here.


PS: the cover up pairs very nicely with this pair of J.Crew linen shorts. The tunic was just a bit short for me to walk around outside of the beach / pool, so I pulled on these shorts and it was a perfect match!

Shop the shorts here.

The Andie ‘The Malibu’ Swimsuit

I love this coverup, even if she’s a wee bit short. It’s the beach after all, so what do I care? (Zero!) I am in the large and while it fits loosely, I need the length of the large. Maybe even the XL, but it’s too late now because I’ve already worn / washed / worn / washed this gal. No dryer though — for the love, I can’t chance losing an inch on this dress. It’s almost sold out at Nordstrom!

Okay — err– I forgot to selfie the swimsuit underneath the coverup. But it’s a good one, I promise, even if you are literally going to have to take my word for it. This is the Andie ‘Malibu’ Swimsuit and it’s a hot mom suit, you guys. The button front pushes the girlies up to a location that is I also wore it to a waterpark on Memorial Day weekend and it was a trooper. Everything stayed in place, like those buttons down the front are military-grade I swear. I will put my trust in most fasteners or closures — for better or worse because I never learn my lesson — and this swimsuit held everything in, all day. Plus I like that it’s full back coverage. My skin is always looking to add another mole, so it’s nice to have that built in sun coverage.

I got the large in the Andie swimsuit, but not in the ‘long torso’ option. Had I to do it all again, I would get the long torso in the large. (The large is the best for my chest!) Looks like it’s 25% off at Andie’s website as well!

Find it from | Find it via Nordstrom

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  1. I love the cover-up without adding an extra inch or reducing an inch less and, above all, without wearing anything underneath. For my love, I would order it already worn/unwashed/worn/unwashed by ‘No one’s gonna know.’ 😉.

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