I mentioned this in my last post but I am accidentally wearing these beach pants are regular pants. How did I not know I was wearing beach pants? You see I partnered with J.Crew for an Instagram post and I get to choose my outfit, obviously. But I chose my items from a line sheet and since it was just a photo of these fabulous pants, I just thought they were pretty summer pants. Then when I went to link them I realized they’ve styled them as beach cover up pants. Which brings me to the very important question of — what makes a regular pant?

And while obviously the first is two holes for legs, I think more than that the idea of a regular pant is coverage and fabric. I feel like we have a bit more room for sheerness when it comes to the pool or the beach and we need a more structured fabric in our day to day. So I put these pants to that test — are they sheer? They’re not, but they are very lightweight cotton as far as summer weight. But I wore light blue underwear with these to put them to the test and guess what? No undies were seen in this outing or wearing of these pants. I think it’s the dark hue mixed with the print that creates a nice situation here. As far as structure / fabric, it is lightweight but they have a nice flow and drape which ties in the casualness of summer but look how well they pair with heels. I feel like that’s another test — what footwear can be paired with these? Sandals, obviously but heels? Test passed.

So a pant that can do both? Yes and yes.

Now as far as fit, I should have gotten a medium but I am in the large. The drawstring does a great job at adjusting the waist, but I would suggest a size down. Plus they’re 40% off! You can find them here.

If you have these pants, let me know your thoughts below.

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I am in the large of the cashmere tank, perfect size for me so I would say TTS but a more cropped length. I am in the large of the pants but they run loose / generous. Size down if you want a closer fit. The drawstring does help with sizing, if they are a bit loose in the waist. The heels run TTS.

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