This little series is going to be fun because you will be able to see my new house change week by week. I’m still decorating and needing some things like lights, rugs, but it’s slowly coming together. For instance, this  gallery wall behind me in some of the photos is now complete but for about a week and a half I let 1/3 of it just hang there alone. Hanging a gallery wall takes emotional strength and mental preparedness that I only have every few days, for a few hours at a time. Also next week, when you see the gallery wall fully hung, don’t look too closely at the lines, the grid, the space in between. I’m just telling you now that it will not be even, equal or even fully level. But once the pictures are on the wall, it’s not my problem anymore.

Enough of that small talk, let’s get to what I wore this week!

The Madewell Pants

I live for this pair of pants, truly. I can’t wait to wear them again tomorrow because I’m going to and they are so freaking cute and comfortable. I wore this outfit to a soccer game along with my big ol’ mom tote that I’m obsessed with. (It’s from Gap!) It’s huge and can — you guessed it — fit snacks AND a soccer ball in it. Find it here.

I am in the 30 of the pants, fit is TTS!  Find them here.

New Favorite Jeans

Let’s see — I wore this outfit to therapy. This pair of jeans is a dream! Now they are AG so you have to really mean it, but they fit exactly how I wanted them too. They’re not super slouchy but they do fit more relaxed and the rise is an almost high rise, too. This pair will be one I think about for years. You can find them via Nordstrom here, I’m in the 30.

Also, this Madewell sweater is one of my favorite sweaters I’ve bought in recent memory. The fit is oversized (I’m in the medium) and it’s the right amount of relaxed. Oh and this pair of darker red flats are the pop of color I need these days. Love them and they’re comfortable, too! Find them here.

Graphic Tee + Pants

The dogs say hello! Another pair of pants I’m obsessed with — I’m telling you between this J.Crew pair and the aforementioned Madewell pair, I am set. Loving these hues too — they feel early 2010s to me, but maybe I’m in my head about it. I am in the 30 of the pants, TTS! Also they look adorable with low profile sneakers as you can  see here.

By the way, this is an old Anine Bing tee with holes in it but I’ll link similar look here!

Tee + Skirt

Yes…you’ve seen this already… But I did wear it so I thought I’d loop it in here! You can find more of the details here!

Shop the Outfit

Fit Details

I’m in the 30 of each pant / denim. I am in in the medium of the sweater and large of each tee!

Monthly Capsule Wardrobe

Each month I create monthly capsules out of my favorite pieces, perfectly curated for each month.

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