A note: I found the included belt. Remember when I said it didn’t come with a belt? No it did. Bryan found it when I turned around and it was hanging out of my dress. How did I put a whole dress on with a belt attached to it TWICE without noticing? No idea. Am I concerned? Not as much as you’d think.

J.Crew is having their Wear to Work event so I thought I’d round up a few of my favorites on sale. Not to mention this darling dress that DOES in fact come with a cloth belt as shown here. My bad, I know I lead you down a dark path thinking that this dress was a liar. I do wish I would have had that wide oval belt that J.Crew showed it with but you know I didn’t, so I picked my best black belt. But in a perfect world, I’d do exactly as J.Crew did.

I am in the 10 of the dress — absolutely perfect fit for your girl. The dress is 50% off now!


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I am in the 10. Fit is TTS. Belt included 😉

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