I’ve been really into visual planning lately. Probably because we are setting up the new house but also just to see something aesthetically come together is so pleasing to me. So I wanted to create my monthly moldboards to set the tone for each month. These may change from month to month but overall I love the idea of a monthly color, hue. For some reason in my brain March is blue. Maybe it’s the beginning of spring, or blue skies from the February grays, but whatever it is, I love this blue. I also love all of the colors I’ve been seeing, so let’s get into this months’ hues!


Cardigans: Don’t Call it a Comeback

I don’t know if this makes me tragically millennial but I love a cardigan. I just do; I can’t help it. I find them extremely functional, emotionally comforting, and just an overall team player in my closet. I found these two colorful ones (via Nordstrom and Madewell) and I won’t lie, I’ve got my eye on them both. I’m loving the colors, too this spring. Last spring felt less cohesive with color palettes and styles, but I am seeing some great pieces already from brands and retailers and it’s only March.

Side note — what if belting a cardigan comes back and what if I’m ok with it? 


Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

The other day Gemma told me she didn’t like to wear stripes and a part of me died. I told her I wouldn’t buy her any more stripes if that’s what she wants (it is) and I held back my Miranda Priestly styled speech about the classic-ness of stripes and how they really can tie everything together, as I fought back my tears. I’m only partially kidding and I won’t tell you which part is the joke. So while stripes are faux pas for 1st grade, they’re full steam ahead for us adults. Look at that striped cardingan, the classic striped shirt I found via Pinterest but linked over at Madewell and that raffia tote from Sezane?? I choked on my coffee, honestly. The classic stripes to the colorful stripes, I love them all.

Style is Personal

I’ve been really thinking lately about my own personal style and what that truly looks like. I think for me I do love mixing classic with a touch of uniqueness, that’s where I fly. Style that’s just slightly off center, that’s where I’d like my style to go. With that are personal touches like this little pearl ring (that I do not own lol) or a quirky graphic tee that could quite possibly go with anything. I love those little quietly bold pieces that can really speak up for one’s style.

Spring is for Dresses

I’m sure I’ll find more but I found three dresses I’d love to wear this month. This one from Sezane seems right up my alley with long sleeves and a short skirt, this one from Farm Rio which is giving unbooked Mexico trip, and this one from J.Crew, which says I have somewhere important to be and I’m going there now. It’s been stupid warm here which I don’t know how I feel about it but I am glad that I can get into spring dresses earlier than normal this year. Bare legs — ready or not, here we come! (They’re not ready by the way. No shave November went a few months longer this year.)


What’s your mood this March? Whatever it is, I hope it involves some color 🙂

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The images within the moldboard are via Pinterest.

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  1. Definitely bringing out the stripes – i love navy blue in spring too. i would agree with the comment from your daughter – if either of mine said they didn’t like stripes, i would feel similarly. Ah!

  2. Love the idea of using vision boards to set the tone for each month! March as a cool, calming blue makes perfect sense. It does feel like a fresh start after the often dreary February.

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