Hi! I’m back! Well..sort of. I’m back to my desk so regularly scheduled programming should resume shortly, my loved ones. In the meantime, I shot one last try on in that mega closet of mine. She was loved and she will be missed. I thought I’d share a few things I found from J.Crew I found in February. Which I realize we only have 2 more days of the month left, but it’s still technically February. And all of these pieces will gladly go into the spring with ya!

Okay so first thoughts: love the dress! It fits really nice, I wasn’t expecting it to fit so well especially in the bust. I’m in the 10 and I am a 10 so we are getting along really well. However, when I looked online I saw that it came with a belt….mine did not come with a belt. I thought I had thrown it away but that didn’t make sense to me because I checked everything. Then I saw another review that said hers came with no belt. Ah ha! So I guess I could message customer service but to be honest, I rarely use the included belt anyways and I hate confrontation. I just wanted to put that out there, just in case you order it and the belt isn’t there…or is? 50/50 chances here.

Let’s get back to the fit of the dress. I like that it comes in at the waist, not so much in a fit and flare way but in a subtle hourglass way. The length is lovely too, especially for work! I added the red square ballet flats (TTS fit) but a nude, ivory or black heel / flat would work well, too!

Find the dress here!

YES to these pants! These remind me ever so slightly of the Collette Pants at Anthro but definitely more with a J.Crew twist and chino fabric. (And $50 less)! This fabric has stretch for comfort, of course, but also these pants keep their shape. They definitely wrinkled when I sat at the mid-section but other than that they’re a great ‘everyday’ pair of pants. I am in the 30, fit is TTS however they are the most fitted at the waist line. This pair also comes in a few hues, but I like this utility green hue for spring. Feels very classic and I’d like to lean into more classic tones this year.

Shop the Pants here!

This is your classic fit for a chambray, not too oversized and fits really tailored. If you like the look of a chambray but want it to feel a bit more refined than casual, lived-in this is a nice option. I am in the 10, runs TTS but size up for bigger boobs. Also this chambray is on sale sale — an extra 30% off!

Shop the Chambray on sale here!



So I tried two different sizes in these sweater pants. I am torn on actually calling them sweater pants — more like a thick, stretchy knit. Like I would hate if this fabric was a top but I love it for pants. It’s thick and structured with a nice amount of stretch. It does show lines, so you will want to go with a seamless underwear, just FYI. Now for this pair I am in the medium. As far as aesthetics go, they’re fine in this size. I would say I prefer the large for roominess but overall I can squeeze myself into the mediums without too much collateral damage to my psyche or the integrity of the pants.

This is a really nice alternative for dress pants, if you are shopping for work wear. They’re very comfortable and because of the nature of the fabric, they’re virtually wrinkle free.

My best suggestion on fit is they are true to size but if you need more room in the waistline, size up one.

Find them here!

Aw and here they are in red! I love this hue! It truly is candy apple red and they match the ballet flats. What a dream. I love this outfit so much, I feel very American in Paris. As you can see, this pair of pants does show lines so be aware of that. This size (large) has more wiggle room in the waist / thighs. Albeit they’re a bit big, I’m probably in between the medium / large but I like to err on the size up.

Love the red for spring! And if you want, you could pull them out for holiday later on, too.

Shop the Delaney pants here!

We simply can’t forget this top, darling! Yes it is another striped shirt of which I have 3…4. I don’t know. Anyways, I don’t have one that has an embroidered kiss on it, ok?? Now I found this shirt ran just a smidgen short, not cropped intentionally just a bit more short waisted. That’s just fine for high waisted pants or skirts, but if you wanted to wear a lower rise denim, this shirt would show some skin. If you are me, that is.

I am in the large and without the length complaint, it runs TTS. Limited stretch, it’s a thicker woven knit.

Find this top on sale here!

You know what? You’re not gonna believe this but I did not have a tailored button down blouse. I have an oversized one which I love (from Madewell) but I didn’t have a tailored fit one. I fixed that problem with one order from J.Crew, now didn’t I? This one fits exactly like you think it will — tailored, crisp (even though I didn’t steam this one out well….) and non-sheer. 3 cheers for not being sheer!

I am in the 10, fits like a dream.

Also — what’s the difference between a tailored white blouse and an oversized one? Honestly the vibe. Functionality is pretty much the same, albeit the more tailored one is going to lend to better layering under something and the oversized one will layer better over something. Tailored reads more classic, oversized is going to read more casual. Both are very chic.

Shop the button down here!

Last but not least — I bought skinny jeans. That’s right, in the year of 2024, I bought skinny jeans. Do I regret it? Not a chance. I realized I did not have a pair of black skinny jeans that fit me and I saw these on sale and took a chance. This is the 9″ high rise and I really like them! I find black skinny jeans or black skinny pants to be universally timeless. And I felt like I was really missing them in my closet as a basic. And a basic on sale? DONE. Say less.

I am in the 30 regular length, but they do fit a bit snug at the waist. There is stretch in this pair but if you prefer a looser fit, size up one size.

Find the jeans on sale here!

This top feels so so so good! It’s that nice cool fabric and the fit is nice but VERY OVERSIZED. Love that it’s so oversized but I didn’t listen to the description, to the reviews…nope. I bought the large and it’s just too big. It’s giving menswear but in a bad way for me. In a medium, I would love it. So stay TTS or go down a size if you’re afraid of it being a bit too big!

Find this top here. 

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10 Responses

  1. THIS feels like the Kendi we know and love! Stripes! Tailored fits! Ballet flats! And COLOURFUL PANTS OMG. I’ve been looking through your archive for nostalgia and my god you had some amazing coloured pants circa 2011-2012. Getting dressed was just so fun during that time. I think the super sleek beige minimalist thing just doesn’t suit our millennial hearts. In our heart of hearts we love patterns, colourblocking, whimsical details, all that good stuff.

    We rehashed the late 80s in our heyday, just like Gen Z are rehashing the, in my opinion, most boring parts of the mid/late 90s. The beige oversized minimal drapey look was nice in moderation back then and was balanced out nicely with tailored mod 60s revival going on at the same time. That part of the 90s has been largely left out and it’s such a missed opportunity! And leaves us with no options if you want to inject a little fun and colour into your look on the regular! Thank you for finding these looks in a dearth of options, I’m going to buy that adorable top ASAP!

    1. > THIS feels like the Kendi we know and love! Stripes! Tailored fits! Ballet flats! And COLOURFUL PANTS OMG. I’ve been looking through your archive for nostalgia and my god you had some amazing coloured pants circa 2011-2012. Getting dressed was just so fun during that time. I think the super sleek beige minimalist thing just doesn’t suit our millennial hearts. In our heart of hearts we love patterns, colourblocking, whimsical details, all that good stuff.

      Right? I’m pretty sure this was the Kendi Era when I started following the blog and I still love it. Let’s bring back stripes and colorful pants in 2024! I’m here for the revolution.

  2. I love, love, love this post. actually, i’ve loved your new style of post(s) from the start of the new year. *heart hands emoji* 🙂

  3. Echo the love for the new posting style and content direction.

    I giggled at the endorsement of the first dress for work – It looks great on you, and i’m sure there *are* places where that style would fly for a 9-5 (or otherwise), but a dress that looks to be 6-8 inches above the knee is not work-appropriate in maybe 85% of places, haha. Would love to see more outfits like the 3rd one, though.

    1. Thanks! I’m excited to get back to content this month!!

      I do try my best to not pigeon-hole office appropriate outfits because there are thousands of different work places, situations, climates and dress codes, etc. I couldn’t dare put a standard on what people can and can’t wear in their office, so I go by what *I* would wear in a professional setting and this is one of those dresses. Wearing dresses, even above the knee, was never an issue for me when I worked in an office. For me, this dress would look great with a blazer as well (and could easily be paired with tights, if needed) and it feels very pulled together, which is what I personally look for in office-friendly outfits.

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