So you don’t know this — ‘because I didn’t tell you’ she says in her sneakiest voice — but last spring-ish I was on a medication that was making me rapidly gain weight. And above that it was in really randomly places that I don’t usually gain, so my body was changing rapidly and I didn’t really recognize myself. But the moral of this story is — I couldn’t wear pants. I mean I *could* but finding the right fit and size was virtually impossible by shopping online and if I did find some they weren’t comfortable to wear or flattering at all and every time I put them on I had an existential crisis. I wasn’t sure when the swelling would go away so buying pants or denim wasn’t my highest priority last spring. An existential crisis is really only fun to have in your own home in your own bed with a soft pillow to scream into, not in a tight fitting room with bright unforgiving lights and thin walls that echo your pain. Hence all of the dresses last spring because let’s be honest, at the end of the day a loose-fitting, Free People dress is a girl’s girl. And if pants made me feel bad but dresses made me feel good, it was a no-brainer. I’ve since stopped taking that medication and this is a long story short, trust me there is a reason for this long TMI of a paragraph: I’m wearing pants again.

In fact, in the last month I’ve found two pairs of pants that I LOVE and I present this post with pride. I started to be able to fit into denim again last fall and this spring I took a gamble on some pants at J.Crew and Madewell. I’ve realized that this style — the high rise, wide leg chino is my best look. (I love everyone and their high waisted trousers but I haven’t found a pair that works for my body type. Why do they all make them with such small waistbands?!) I found this pair via J.Crew and I can’t speak enough praise about them. They are a lovely stretchy chino fabric, and I love the cute lil pockets in front that I will never use, but I’m so glad they are there. It’s like shutters for a window; for decoration only. And is it just me or does this color green have big comeback energy this year? I love it because as we know from the years 2011-2016, this color is a neutral and pairs fantastically with red heels, or in this case red flats.

Another thing I like about this pair is that they’re very moveable — like I can wear them all day and not feel like I’m trapped. I’m not reaching for my leggings instead of these, like I do sometimes with denim. They do crease after a while if you’re sitting, but they steamed out beautiful. 10/10. You can find them here, I’m in the 30. 

My whole look is…you guessed it J.Crew. I’ll link everything below!

In fact, if you are thinking this outfit looks kind of familiar, it’s does look like one from my archives. (Give me a minute to find it and link it. It’s been 15 years.) It was only a matter of time that I would start repeating outfit ideas of my own. Literally a matter of time — can you believe this is my 15th year doing KE? Time flies when you are uploading photos of yourself onto the internet.

Okay back to the pants, the other pair is this one from Madewell which I will photograph soon, too. B and I are figuring out our photography schedule and I think we’ve got it down. I have three posts already shot for this week, you guys! I’m feeling good about March content! I’m not trying to bait you either, but I’m really trying to work on a capsule soon too. I can’t decide if I want to do seasonal or monthly…let me know if you have a preference. I aim to please 🙂

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I am in the 30 regular length of the pants. I’m in the 10 (or large) of the J.Crew blouse. It is a perfect fit with room for boobs. The flats run TTS, if not a bit big! They fit me perfectly.

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  1. Ilove your pants! I have deleted and REINSTATEDinsta 2847944749 times in the past year, and when i pop on and see CONTENT from you, im thrilled. I’ve been following you since (close to) the BEGINNING of time. My daughter was born in 2010; so blogs were my late Night entertainment as i pumped or bf. ❤️❤️if you decide to start a newsletter (or if there is a way to subscribe to your blog and get email alerts) i would jump on that bandwagon, so i can (maybe?!) still see (remember to check) your content even when i’m not using the socials.

    I feel you on the pants struggle—ive had significant weight gain in my tummy the past year, so dresses (and stretchy waist wide leg pants in 1 size up for tummy) are my current uniform.
    AND hank you for SHOWING up and for being open about your struggle. I love your content! Thank you.


    1. I wanted to come back and clarify that this was totally sincere and not at all sarcastic. And to also say, I don’t know why this is in all caps? 🙂

  3. Chic as hell. Glad to see you back at your fighting weight. Also, no idea why in all caps but I support the energy. you look fabulous. Carry on!

  4. Thank you for actually Still blogging! I love your voice and your looks. Ordering these.

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