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I think I’ve finally reached an age where I feel like I can wear jackets like this. You know, Jackie O. / lady-like / quiet luxury aesthetic — those kind of jackets. In my 20s I felt like wearing a lady jacket like this was “dressing up” but I realized as I wore this outfit that I felt confident in it, not silly or overdressed. There is a beauty in dressing for your age and I’m slowly trying to find that. I told Bryan the other day for the first time in my style, I’m not trying to look younger or dress younger. I just want to look my age. Instead of being afraid of that, it in fact opens a lot more doors to style. And here is the thing: my job as a style blogger is to take trends and find the best ways we (the collective ‘we’ of 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 year olds who hang around these parts) can wear them…or not wear them. I’m done chasing every new trend that comes around because there’s just no way they can all be for me or for you. ¬†This jacket has taught me a lot in the 2 weeks I’ve owned her, lol.

All that to say, I love this jacket and I’m really glad that she’s in the family now. I am in the large of this gorgeous jacket and it fits me perfectly. I would say it’s TTS but is most fitted at the shoulders / chest. It is stretchy and a really interesting knit — it’s not a lined, structured jacket. Think more of a cardigan like feel. You can find her via J.Crew here.¬†

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I am in the large of the jacket, it runs true to size perhaps most snug or fitted at shoulders. I am in the 30 of the jeans, the runs true to size. The flats run at least a half size small. Consider going up a size.

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  1. embracing mature fashion and finding self-assurance in chic jackets. This garment redefines age-appropriate attire and represents a personal style revolution.

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