Is it too early to talk about my favorite things for fall since it’s not even fall yet? I mean in influencer land it’s been fall since Anniversary Sale so I feel like it’s an appropriate time. This cardigan is top top on my list. Like honestly don’t need anything else for fall — let’s call it; this post is my whole fall content. I will see you in December.

Jokes aside I really love this jacket cardigan (I don’t know what to call it — oh she has a name on J.Crew’s site: Ella) So me and Ella became instant friends the minute I tried her own — she is a generous fit, a really people pleaser. But also structured, so it gives blazer without feeling all stuffy. I am in the medium and it’s a perfect fit. AND J.Crew is 30% off right now with SHOPNOW so that is amazing news! You can find it here in 4 hues for fall. 

Also this suede bag is absolutely gorgeous — it also comes in Navy which has me real confused as to which one I like better. 10/10 recommend this bag for fall — it is a shoulder bag which my tote loving heart is getting used to. I do like the smaller size and I can still shove my 13″ MacBook in there so I’m cool with it. (Yes, she hangs out the top but it’s fineeeee) You can find this gorgeous purse here!

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Fit Details

I am in the medium of the blazer cardigan — runs generously! I am in the large of the shell, TTS. I am in the 30 of the jeans, perfect fit!

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  1. “Your writing style is engaging and kept me reading until the very end. Can’t wait to read more posts from you in the future!”

  2. Longtime reader here. Were these photos taken in front of your old brick and mortar store? The setting looks familiar…

    PS love the outfit!

  3. LONGTIME FOLLOWER, FIRST-TIME COMMENTER. Not sure while i can only type in caps right now, but i love this entire outfit! I have this sweather blazer cardigan thing, and it’s awesome. going to buy the pants and the top, as well. Maybe the shoes. thank you for representing all of us taller ladies! (and yes, being tall is fun in some ways, but looking like you’re outgrowing your clothes is no bueno!)

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