I don’t typically pat myself on the back but today I am going to. Today, I deserve this. Because┬áthis is probably to date my best $30 find. This dress is GORGEOUS. Like when I shyly say “H&M you shouldn’t have”, I do not mean it. Yes they should have and Thank God they did. This dress is beautiful, it fits perfectly, the drape is exactly how it should be, it’s lightweight for spring / Sumer. It’s perfection and it’s under $30. This is a rarity these days. Like under $30 — in this economy? Even a carton of eggs are aghast.

You can find this gorgeous gal here at H&M! I am in the medium, but it runs loose.

PS: I told you these sandals are a gem…

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I am in the medium. The dress runs generously. I am in my true to size fit on the sandals, comfortable too!

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    1. It’s not lined — I was going to ask Kendi what she wears under it to make it less peekaboo…

  1. Saw this on your H&M review and immediately bought it…and I’m wearing it today. It’s so lovely and a great staple. Perfect find!

  2. I have just read your post of July 08, 2010. A single common thread that connects your person to that time and to the present. You look STUNNING.

  3. This is so pretty and flattering! Need to get one myself but worried about the length, I’m 5’4″. Thoughts? Thanks!

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