well now I have to back up my statement huh? I personally think that yes it IS the cutest Zara maybe dress ever. Can I back this with science? Of course not. I’m a blogger, not a scientist.

Also I have a flair for the melodrama, ok?

I’ve been v  v excited about Zara lately. Good prices and really cute styles that don’t seem too far out there. I mean sure you can find the weird at Zara but I try to stick with the classics. Like this gorgeous dress. I am in the large but no need to size up! It’s just a bit on the short side for me ( 5’9”). Find this dress here!Find this dress here!

Also it’s worth nothing my heels are Amazon and will be getting a ton of use this spring! They are a gorgeous linen and the heel is a great height, not too tall and comfortable. Find them here!

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I am in the large of the dress but only size up for length! It runs TTS just short. The heels run TTS and are comfy!

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  1. Pretty dress, but too short for us tall girls.

    I wouldn’t be able to bend over without showing my bottom

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