I have to be honest — these shoes are too tall for these pants. I actually didn’t realize this until after we finished these photos. And the light was so pretty and the wind was weirdly cooperative so I didn’t want to re-shoot these. Sometimes you just can’t recapture the magic, you know? So instead let this be a lesson to us all: always pick the right shoes.

I feel like I am realizing how I have taken skinny jeans for granted all of these years. I know this is a broad statement but most shoes work with skinny jeans. Any heel, boot, bootie, tall boot, short boot, sneakers, sandals, wedges, etc. etc. As a style influencer, getting dresses is second nature and reaching for any shoe to work with my outfit felt standard. Until we started mixing up the denim game and here I am all confused again. I spent 13 years perfecting the skinny jean just to be served with a new wave of denim. Typically if this outfit was paired with a skinny jean, this shoe would be perfect. It’s tall but the height doesn’t matter because on a skinny jean it usually hits at or above my ankle, so any shoe goes. But with wide leg or flare jeans, shoes matter. For instance, my heel is about 2 inches over the max of height for these jeans. You can see it below in my not-super-great quick photoshop job. What happens when your heel is too tall with wide leg or flare then the break between bottom hem of the jeans and the ground is too far apart. What you want is a skim above the ground, a slight break just so you aren’t dragging your jeans, but instead you are elongating your legs and silhouette.

Had I chosen a shorter heel, for me about a 2″ heel here, then it would have been a cleaner, chicer look. This particular pair of jeans can handle flats as well, which is super nice. I find that old school wide leg needed a heel, but this new wave of wide leg is trying it’s best to be versatile. In fact, this gives me a great idea for a post. Will report back in late March with this info.

This pair is from J.Crew. I am in the 30. I find them to fit more snug than last year’s model! Find them here.

PS: my top is on sale at J.Crew but it is almost sold out! I’ve linked a few similar to the right as well but this one from Nordstrom seems to fit the bill exactly! Without the polka dots, of course. (I’ve tried this Halogen top on before and suggest a size up if you have boobs!)

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I am in the large of the blouse, it runs true to size but I wanted a looser fit. I am in the 30 of the jeans, True to size with the most snug fit at the waist and hips.

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  1. What an ingenious outfit showing off the secrets of your resplendent and sensual figure. Such an aerial view that offers the beauty of Texas’ varied landscapes and details its nature ranging from flat plains to gently rolling hills passing through plateaus dissected by gorges until reaching where the highest point of Texas is located, where one is taken by vertigo.

  2. Honestly, the shoes would not be mine at all – because I really could not work in those. 😊 Furthermore i think they are too noticable, that they steal the show for the “rest” of the outfit – which i really like. Is is a good combination! Up to the Sunglasses!

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