Happy Tuesday! I have made it to the blogger conference of which i was frantically packing for yesterday. Oh and it’s no long called a blogger conference. It is now a creator conference and I was one of three people who had been there for 10+ years. It’s amazing that I’m only 25 years old too. All this experience and not a day older 😉

I actually wore this during the sign in part. Oh yes I’ve been changing outfits as quickly as the schedule changes, because when in Rome, we change outfits. This set is the cutest and look I know — I KNOW it’s a lot of corduroy which in turn is a lot of look, but hear me out. It’s unique and no one you know will have it. And that makes my enneagram 4 heart beat. I am in the medium of each piece and the both fit loosely, generously. But overall a great fit for the medium for me!

Find my jacket here. 

Find my shorts here!

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I am in the medium of the corduroy jacket and it fits oversized. I am in the medium of the shorts, I actually find them to run generously. Great for 6-8 with a looser waist. I am in the medium of the tee — very cropped, TTS. Flats run true.

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