This Anthro blouse gets all the heart eyes from me. Now, my good friends, is she comfortable? No heart eyes for her. Is she beautiful? ALL THE HEART EYES. So I you like fashion over form or function, this top is for you!! If you like to be comfortable during your day or evening, this top may not be for you possibly, I mean, maybe, it just depends. You see it’s just a bit itchy at the underarms, or under-pits if you’re nasty. Gross to both ways I said that but you get what I’m saying; the basement of where the arm meets the chest. (The shoulder is the attic in this illustration, if you were wondering.)

I was at a blogger conference this week and I’m just thinking about how the brands I met with are going to look me up and read that paragraph and then wonder if it was the same put together person they met IRL. It’s not. I don’t know who you met this week, but she was nice wasn’t she?

This top is TTS but fitted because there is a little tube top that’s attached underneath. That way if a tier flies up no belly buttons will be shown. Genius. I am in the medium, TTS. Find it here!

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Fit Details

I am in the medium of the blouse and it runs pretty fitted and snug with a fitted top underneath. It isn’t just a sheer top! I am in the 29 of the jeans, TTS! I sized up to a 41 on the Cult Gaia shoes for a size 10.

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