I feel like my job as a 30-som3thing fashion influencer / blogger is to take current trends and assess if they are for us, my friends, my peers. The resurgence of the 90s and 00s has given me a hard left turn when it comes to trends and how to interpret the styles that I actually want to wear. I like to sit back and see how a trend evolves before I decide what to do with it for myself. I didn’t get the nickname Trendy Kendi for nothing. (I actually never got that nickname.)

With the 90s, I like to cherry pick what I want to bring back for myself. Hoops being one, gold jewelry, a graphic sneaker, and of course, the t-shirt dress. Honestly one of my favorite trends to embrace because it’s easy to wear and very comfortable for summer. A giant tee shirt that’s acceptable outside of the house? SIGN ME UP. I found this dress via Calvin Klein which is SO 90s of me right? Really nice quality cotton, thicker with structure and the fit is spot on. Not too oversized, not too tight. I am in the medium. You can find it on sale (with an extra 20% off!) here.

Oh and another 90s resurgence I don’t mind? Logos. Logos everywhere. This tote does it well but you can clearly see Calvin Klein written all over it and I love the throwback vibe. This is also on sale and wonderful quality. (if you like me haven’t ever purchased from CK before, it’s actually really high quality fabrics and fit is true to size. I bought a few bras as well and really liked the quality.) Find this tote here.

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I am in the medium of the dress, fit is TTS.

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