How do we feel about brown for spring? Well I for one love it. I find it to be the perfect neutral for spring and summer and it looks so chic. I love this neutral dress from Amazon, too. I was surprised at how much I liked it actually because this spring I kinda took a break from Amazon just because I wasn’t finding things I absolutely loved therefore I didn’t want share those mediocre things here with you guys. I recently did a try-on (I’ll post my favorites here tomorrow!) and found so many great dresses from Amazon; this one being a top option. It feels new for the season, like something I’ve not seen or worn before. It comes in a few different colors but I love this neutral tan. It’s a nice warm tan which feels appropriate for spring and summer. I love bringing in warm tones in the summer and while I’ve been leaning towards color lately, I definitely don’t want to abandon neutrals. Black can feel too dark for spring and white is my most natural inclination for a neutral during the warm months, but I tend to over-do the white. So this light brown is perfect for a neutral option this spring.

Oh and the best news? It’s under $35! Find it from Amazon here.  (This is the khaki hue)

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I am in the large of the dress. Non-sheer dress, but probably in the lighter hues you would need a slip. The heels run true to size, actually comfortable!

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  1. I got this bEcause of your suNday Try on! I got it in olive and black and i definitely will be getting The tan, too! Thank you!

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