Since I’ve spent basically my entire adult life on the internet showing my outfits, it’s second nature for me to share a link of an item someone might also like on the internet. I mean — it’s what I do. It’s my whole job. But it always makes me feel a certain kind of way when someone in real life asks about my outfit and wants me to text them the link right then and there for something I’m wearing. This jacket has been asked about countless amounts of time and I always share the link because everyone should have this coat. It’s soft, it’s got a badass vibe to it and it’s perfectly warm. So now all of my friends own this jacket and yes, all in the same color. If you happen to see a bunch of women moving as a group, all dressed in tan puffer coats, don’t worry — we come in peace.

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It’s funny because a lot of times I’ll share something in a try-on on stories and then wear it IRL but forget to shoot it for the blog. One of my friends called me out — she was like I can’t find that puffer you keep wearing. I quickly realized it’s because I hadn’t shot it yet. How could I let something I love go unpublished? I was gate keeping this jacket, you guys and for that I’m sorry because you need this jacket. This has to be one of my favorite coats I’ve found on Amazon recently. Or maybe ever. It’s really warm too, which is nice because sometimes with random internet jackets you don’t get the best of quality. This one has looks and warmth. You can find it in many different colors here on Amazon! 

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Fit Details

I am in the medium of the puffer coat, it runs slightly generous. Lots of room for layers! I am in the 28 of the jeans, snug fit not super stretchy. I am in the 2 (m) of the bodysuit, TTS.

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