Coloblock for Fall

I am unusually fancy today. Like fancy fancy, but I gotta say – it feels good to get dressed up. This skirt is over what I typically spend (it’s Alice + Olivia! Love her as a designer, just can’t always buy her stuff.)  But this skirt just kept calling my name. I used a few of my Nordstrom notes and swiped this skirt for myself. I love the colorblock and it just feels so timeless. How can something look modern and timeless concurrently right? I don’t know but this skirt is pulling it off.

I know better with Alice + Olivia and I sized up one, so I’m in the 8. I could even use the 10 for the length, if we are being honest. There is a liner underneath the skirt because the skirt splits at the color block, so nothing is open or showing. But I think for a bit more length, I’d suggest to size up because it’s a snug / short fit.

Find this skirt here!

But you know what is a good price? THIS SWEATER! She screamss in all caps. I just love a mock neck and yes it’s still a little warm for this sweater but let’s just say this outfit is for your inspo folder and Pinterest board. Save this for later ok? Also this sweater is not itchy, fit is loose but true to size and the mock neck is the right height. She understood the asssignemnt, you know?

You can find it here!

You may love this look but want a different skirt option — I’ve got you girl! I’ve rounded up some other options below!

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Editor's Notes:

I am in the medium of the sweater — fit is loose but TTS. I am in the 8 of the skirt. It definitely fits snug, size up at least one! The heels fit TTS.

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  1. Fathi says:

    Hi Kendi

    This skirt keeps calling you and it’s utterly instinctive.
    If I were this skirt, I would have done the same, especially as you slide it over you. I’m sure it wanted to whisper to you
    “I want to memorise your every line and every curve …
    The way you smell, the way you taste. ..
    I want to lock you in my memory so that I will never feel I’m without you …”.

    Fathi <3

    10.22.21 · Reply