Ruffle Yoke Blouse

Is it hot outside? Yes. Am I pretending it’s not? YEAH I AM. I lovingly call this time the ‘September sweats’ and I will do it for fashion. I will sacrifice my body to share with you future styles that you can pin for later. (Pin this for later so it’s worth it ok?) Also I sweat through my head not my body so technically just my hair was sweaty here. And yes it will be the very first question I ask God when I get to heaven — why the hair and the face first, God? Why? Why give me armpits if I’m just going to ruin a good hair day? Just saying.

Okay so this top is from Amazon and honestly if I would have said Madewell you would have believed me. It’s a vibe, ya’ll. Good for you, Amazon, good for you. I love a high neckline — you know this — and I like that this one is lightweight so it can easily be layered later. I am in the medium and it’s true to size! You can find it here. 

Favorite Madewell jeans right here — it’s the famous perfect vintage jean. They really are that good. I like how they fit close and almost feel like a skinny jean but an updated version. I wear the 28 in these, TTS. Find them here!

Also I bought this bag and it freaking sold out in this size. I love this size so I’ll link a black one here. I like this bigger size because it can fit my 13″ computer in it! I was super hyped for that when I discovered it. Find this purse here. 

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Editor's Notes:

I am in the medium of the top, fit is true to size. It’s slightly loose at the bodice but fitted true to size through chest and shoulders. I am in the 28 of the jeans, fit is true to size! I am in the 10 of the shoes, fit is true to size. Super comfy because the top is padded!

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