Give me a long sleeve, loose dress and you’ve got a happy lady. I love this silhouette — long sleeves on a dress is the best and for some reason still quite rare. And then as if it couldn’t get any better,  this dress that doesn’t stick to you in anyway which makes this one a true unicorn. Oh — and it has pockets! *head explodes*  I feel like Oprah giving away cars saying ‘YOU GET A DRESS WITH POCKETS! AND YOU GET A DRESS WITH POCKETS!”

Except I’m not giving away cars or dresses. I’m just telling you to buy this dress for yourself… with your own money… So this is awkward now…

I am in the medium of the dress, it fits loosely in the bodice (think baby doll dress) but more fitted at the shoulders. Overall, TTS fit! Such a cute fitting dress and comes in another pattern as well. Also, not that you asked but this is the second best seller from my Target try on last Sunday! It’s a good one. Find it from Target here.

(Also not that anyone was wondering this but it IS baby bump friendly and would work for pregnancy! This is NOT – I repeat — NOT an announcement just wanting to help out my mama friends. And yes it was the 4th photo down that made me think of the pregnancy friendly thing.)

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I am in the medium of the dress. It fits true to size! The Steve Madden heels fit true to size as well, it’s more of a kitten heel by the way.

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  1. Hi Kendi,

    Often it is said that only a virgin can catch a unicorn. But as this dress does not stick to you in any way, the ram in me (born on April 15) which corresponds to the rise of the sun as well as the passage from cold to heat and from shade to light, can remove it from you mysteriously, while submerging you with an infinite desire to shine like a fully offered Venus.

    Lots of kisses with LOVE.

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