[This question is for teens of the 90’s-00’s only: Do you remember JNCOs? Do these remind you them? Y/N?]

Wanna hear a story about these pants? So I was breezing through Target, unintentionally shopping for clothes, and I saw these pants and immediately loved the color. Then the fabric — so soft, so relaxed. I quickly grabbed them not looking at the size of the pants, I just saw the color of the hanger at Target and vaguely confirmed they’re a size 6 by the hanger color. You can see where this is going can’t you? So I get them home, I try them on and they’re perfectly loose, so soft, like dream pant situation right here. I’m thinking ‘wow these fit really relaxed for a size 6 but go off, Target.’ Then once I took them off I actually looked at the size and realized ah-ha! that’s why they fit relaxed, these are a size 10 not the assumed size 6. So two lessons here: don’t go shopping with me and trust the fit over the number size every time. I LOVE the fit of these pants and probably had I just found my typical size and tried them on I would have not liked them as much. I wouldn’t have even though about sizing up, I would have just moved on. To be honest, these pants need the relaxed fit, the loose fit compliments the soft fabric perfectly and you can wear them a little lower on your hips as well. I don’t think you have to size up 2 sizes, unless you want to wear them on your hips like here, but after reading reviews at least one size up. You can always order two sizes and find the one you like best, if you’re feeling risky and you like to make returns. 😉

Find them here!

Okay and speaking of reviews, I found this tank in store and I absolutely loved it. It’s super lightweight and I love the high neckline. As I was linking it, I was reading the reviews and it was crazy how many people absolutely — hated it. I was shocked because I really love it and ended up buying one in ivory and blue. The main concern I found from the comments was that the arm holes were too low so I took a photo above for you to see how it fell on me! I’m in the medium and I find that it fits true to size. I’m a 34D, so that probably helps with the armpit holes as well, so perhaps if you have a smaller chest / arms then the holes may be an issue for you but I felt like they were pretty average overall.

Find this tank here — just be sure to read the reviews for sizing!

Did you know that when I was little I wanted to grow up and be an author? Instead I grew up to be a blogger who just wrote 3 run-on grammatically questionable sentences about arm holes on a tank top. Dream big, kids, dream big.

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I’m in the 10 of the pants. I personally think they run a size small, so I would size up if you want a looser fit, especially around the waist! I’m in the medium of the tank — TTS!

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