Okay, so I’ve made friends with winter. Mainly because I realized I like coats and I can just lean on a cute coat to make the whole outfit sing. Am I saying this love will last all season? Absolutely not. But for now, I like winter and I have this coat is to thank.

I love a plaid coat moment but sometimes it can be a little too twee, know what I’m saying? This one is in a lovely subtle winter hue — this green is just perfect for right now. Of course, if you like a red plaid there is one for you!

Same Coat, Different Colors

I’m in the medium of the coat. It fits loose but true to size. I like this size so I would suggest true to size sizing. You can find it here!

I know the rest of the outfit is all black so it’s hard to see what’s under here, but I love this pullover. It’s this thick knit sweater, but it’s a smooth feel. I like wearing it with yoga pants, too. It’s super versatile, which you know is my main thing with clothes. I did size down to a small. You can find it here. 

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Fit Details

I am in the medium of the coat and it fits TTS! I am in the small of the pullover — I sized down and would recommend it! I am in the size 29 of the denim, it fits true to size. The boots fit TTS.

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