I know, I know, I know. The internet has ruined the term ‘perfect’ and I get it, I do. And maybe I’ve overused it as well. But I have to pull that word out for this dress today because it really is perfect as a t-shirt dress. And I’ll tell you why: there is built in ‘curve’ for your hips / tummy. I don’t know if this extra room is on purpose or a design flaw but let me tell you — she works. And I appreciate her. I find that a lot of times with t-shirt dresses — I love the idea of them but they tend to cling around my hips and/or tummy. But if I size up, it gets too long. Such a conundrum. So for me, at least,  this dress doesn’t cling at all around those areas and it gives more room at the hips instead of a more narrow bodice, which I find in t-shirt dresses. You know those pull lines when the hips area is too tight? Not this gal. So I’m gonna have to pull the ‘P’ card and call it perfect.

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Can I be honest? I felt a bit silly wearing heels around with this outfit. (I went to Costco / Target. My weekly ritual. Thought I’d change it up this week.) Feeling weird in heels is so not like me because I love heels. Always have. When platforms happened to us in the 00’s, I felt seen. But I’ve really found some comfort with sandals and even flip flops — my God, this pandemic has changed me — and putting these albeit cute heels on made me feel something. What about you? Is it safe for heels to come out yet or are we still ignoring them with the not to be mentioned denim?

(For the record, these wedges are $30! A freaking steal. Find them here.)

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I am in the medium of the dress! I am in the size 10 of the shoes.

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  1. I’ve been looking for a t-shirt dress just like this! The fact that this has rooms for curves was the missing piece I didn’t know I was missing.
    (I’m only writing this next part because I don’t think this is a sponsored post. I would never say this on a sponsored post!) I have conflicting feelings about the company that sells this dress though. I try really hard not to buy things from them as I feel that they do not treat their employees well. However… the small number of clothes I have purchased from them over the last few years have lasted incredibly well. So, mixed feelings, but it’s always great to know what items are worth buying from this company! Thanks 🙂

  2. I have this same dress in a red, white, and blue stripe and I can confirm that it is indeed PERFECT! I may need to add black to my rotation now! I basically live in dresses all spring/summer/fall. LOVE!

  3. Look at Wally gettin’ it on! I’m going to take the plunge because I trust you and this looks great…and also the plunge in quarantine apparently now means $9.96. 😉

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