H&M has bringing it in the style game lately. I’ve done a few try ons there in the past few months and have been really excited for the quality of their pieces. (Especially the outerwear options I’ve found!) I got an email that there is 20% off this weekend so I thought I’d do a quick roundup of a few favorite things I saw for spring and summer. Or sprummer — since it looks like we will be skipping spring this year.

I tried to pull items that I would wear now and later! Lots of work from home options as well. I’ve also realized recently that I don’t have any great sandals so I’m excited to fix that situation with a few from H&M. Oh and one more thing to note — these jeans are the best sellers from last month! 20% off ends Sunday night, but they are great quality for the price!

Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt / Denim Tiered Dress / Linen Tee / Maxi Skirt
Nude Sandals / White Sandals / Wide Leg Pants / Linen Blazer / Vintage Denim / High Waist Shorts
Floral Mini Dress / Organza Top / Floral Maxi Dress / Pink Puff Sleeve Top / Boyfriend Shorts


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  1. These actually look really nice! H&M’s quality was the pits when I was in HS/college – truly fast fashion, ugly and “maybe I can wear this 5 times before it disintegrates but it was $15 so whatever” – so this is exciting!

    1. I agree. Even like a few years ago it wasn’t great. I’d say it’s on par with Target now for sure. There’s definitely some I’d stay away from like the Divided brand within HM isn’t the best quality, but a lot of their pieces are!

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